Hall eMagazine

Issue 13

My Hall Life

Jessie Chan   Lisheng Hall

I have desired to experience hall life since I was in secondary school. After seeking the approval from my parents, my dream finally came true on September 2004. I moved into the Lisheng Hall of Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Lisheng Hall is one of the most famous halls in PolyU, so I placed it in my first priority and luckily I was selected to be the resident of Lisheng. Before I move into Lisheng, I only knew that this hall had very outstanding performance on sport activities but nothing more. However, after joining the O・camp, I developed a strong sense of belonging to Lisheng.

Our O・camp lasted for three days and it was held inside the hall. All the new comers were divided into four groups and some Year two students leaded each group. We usually called them :father; and :mother;. We played a lot of games during that three days and the most unforgettable game to me was treasure hunt. We needed to visit different places in Hong Kong such as Causeway Bay, Central, Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui, etc, to complete several tasks. This game was really challenging to us as it lasted for many hours and we had to run throughout the whole journey in order to spend the least time to win the game. Although the game was really harsh, we all enjoyed it very much. I felt not only happiness but also love and care among each other in our O・camp. Because of this successful O・camp, I decided to be a committee of our hall association. I love my hall so I want to contribute back to my hall.

I enjoy the freedom of living in hall. I can do whatever I want and sleep at anytime. One disadvantage is that I have to cook by myself. It・s really a difficult task to me as I rarely cook at home. The happiest thing is that I can live with my friends. We can go to school, have dinner and study together. Besides, my hall holds many activities regularly, e.g. we have dinner in the common area together before examinations or have parties at some special festivals. We can meet many new friends through these activities. Our hall association also surprisingly delivers some gifts to us. Living in hall also allow me to have more time to study and play as I do not need to spend several hours a day on transportation.

I think all university students should experience the hall life once because you would not have any more chance when you get older.