Hall eMagazine

Issue 13

My Four Jobs

Ting Ma   Wuxian Hall Warden 

Like all people in Hong Kong, I am very very busy because I have four jobs.

My first job – a professor, which means a teacher and a researcher, in PolyU

My second job – a PolyU Hall Warden

My third job – a very amateur mid-long distance runner, and

My fourth job – a mother and a wife

Is there any relationship between these four jobs?  Yes! 

My first job gives me the chance to take up the second job.

My second job allows me to recruit company to do the third job.

When I am engaged with my third job, it makes the people of my fourth job, that is, my two sons and one husband very happy because I will be too busy to bother them, such as asking them to take a bath or go to bed…!

I hereby appeal to you, to support my third job. How? 

I am going to participate the charity walk in rural Chinese Mainland in August 11-18 2005.  The event "Long March (助學長征)" is organized by two charity organizations, The China Youth Development Foundation (中國青少年發展基金會) and Sowers Action (苗圃行動). The entire journey will take ten months to complete, covering a distance of 8,038 km.

I will participate only in the last 100km of the journey and the route situates in the North-Western part of China, the Gansu (甘肅) and Shanxi Provinces (陝西) for five days.  It would be a very tough, but the most meaningful journey because this event aims to raise at least 20 million dollars to help build 101 schools for poor children in rural China. As your warden and your Ting Ma, I need your spiritual and monetary support. Here is my fund-raising slogan:

"I walk five days, you donate five dollars, and together we contribute to the education of poor children in China."

How to and where to contribute?  Just drop your five dollars in the box placed on the ground floor near the reception counter. The money will be collected in late June and passed to Sowers Action as donation from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Student Halls of Residents. 

Your contribution will render the strongest support not just to me, but to the well-being of the poor children in rural Chinese Mainland.