Hall eMagazine

Issue 13

Joint U High Table Dinner

Exposing to diversified hall cultures

Desiree Lui   Lisheng Hall

A breakthrough had been made between PolyU and HKU. The 2 halls, Xuemin Hall and Ricci Hall from PolyU and HKU respectively, organized the Joint U High Table Dinner hand in hand.

Over 400 residents gathered at the dining hall on the ground floor. The dining hall was nobly decorated. Lighting and silvery utensils were sparking. All residents dressed elegantly for the Dinner. The dinning hall suddenly became a palace.

It was cheerful that the warden of Xuemin Hall and Ricci Hall were the guest speakers. After they gave their speeches, the dinner was announced to begin. The dinning room was filled with energy, cheers and laughter. All residents seemed enjoy the dinner. They took photos happily with friends they newly made.

 ¡§At first, I am worried about the integration of the two different and diversified university cultures. Now, it is glad to see the atmosphere is so harmonious.¡¨ Kathy Cheung, one of the Xuemin residents said.

By organizing Joint U activities, residents can broaden their horizon by learning others¡¦ university cultures. ¡§I can gain new insights to university culture. I am looking forward to another Joint U High Table Dinner in the near future,¡¨ Candy said.