Hall eMagazine

Issue 13

Kaiyuan & Wuhua Joint-hall High Table Dinner

Michelle Lo   Kaiyuan Hall

Kaiyuan and Wuhua¡¦s joint-hall high table dinner was successfully held on 4 April 2005, with the theme of fairy tale.  Entering the scene with many fairy tale characters made of balloon; we could not help touching those lovely decorations.

Mr. Ma Wai-luk, chief superintendent of police at police public relations branch, was the honourable guest. Appreciating the amazing decoration with balloons in various shape and color, Mr. Ma recalled his early life in police force. He generously shared with us his working experiences and the hardship he has undergone. Words of encouragement were conveyed to us that persistence and hard work would lead to success definitely.

Not only had we experienced a wonderful dinner with a thriving police officer that mattered, but also we had this chance to get to know more friends from different halls. Last but not least, we learned from the MC how to make these delightful balloons ourselves! This is really a wonderful night to remember.