Hall eMagazine

Issue 13

10 Tips for Making Hall Our Home away from Home


Mabel Luo   Xuemin Hall

Seldom we can always stay at our original homes for our entire lifetime. We change and make progress, and that¡¦s why we keep moving from one place to another. Wherever we are, we hope that we can live a cozy life just like we are living with our parents in our homes, but this is pretty difficult. When living in hall, we may fail to fall asleep without mom¡¦s care; we may eat whatever we can get instead of a healthy and balanced diet of our homes; we may stuff the washing machine with all kinds of clothes of different colors or bleach them unconsciously; we may fail to find things we need urgently just because we didn¡¦t tidy them up; we may tangle with our roommates or other hall mates; we may catch old or other diseases when our parents are thousands of miles away¡Kall in all, we meet all kinds of problems away from our homes. When problem comes, we finally know why a home is called a ¡§home¡¨, and why sometimes we feel so helpless and miss our home so desperately.

Don¡¦t worry. Problems can be solved, and here below are 10 tips for our dear hall mates.

1.      Make a healthy timetable and sleep and wake up regularly.

2.      To stay fit and active, eat a balanced diet with meat and vegetables, and eat fruits as well as other nutritious foods.

3.      Work hard for the courses and that will keep us active.

4.      Fill life with good readings, music, films as well as other entertainments.

5.      Do physical exercises regularly.

6.      Meet and make new and real friends who might be our tutors or wardens, and talk our problems with them.

7.      Participate in hall activities and surely we will find some unexpected pleasure.

8.      Help other hall mates and we will be helped when in need.

9.      Do obey the hall regulations and we will be benefited as well.

Ok, these are the tips for us to solve the problems when away from home, but they are not enough to make our hall our home away from home. And we still need the last tip¡XSmile and Love. Make sure to keep smiling and give love to our hall, and we will feel happy at the big big home and our hall life will be greatly enhanced.