The PolyU Halls see many exchange students in the new academic year. Engaged in a totally different environment, exchange students may have to overcome the cultural shock and integrate into the local culture. Alice Qian, a mainland student in the foundation programme of the Language Studies for the Profession, expressed her satisfaction towards the hall lives.

Colorful hall life

PolyU Hall has been regarded as a "five-star hotel". Alice also has the same feeling. She could not believe her eyes when first stepping into the hall.

"PolyU hall is far more advanced. In the hall of my high school, six to eight people shared a dirty old room, without any air-conditioner and cooking utensils. Now PolyU hall provides the students with various facilities such as the gymnasium, the swimming pool and the pantry. They fit all my basic needs".

Having stayed in Hong Kong for two months, Alice considered the Halloween party was her most interesting experience. It was the first time for her to wear the cassock and the horrible drawings on her face to scare others. She enjoyed the party very much.

Quick adaptation

Since Alice lives in Shenzhen and knows Cantonese very well, she can adapt to the life in Hong Kong quickly. However, she recognized one big difference about the lifestyle of Hong Kong people: "Hong Kong students are used to working overnight and getting up late in the morning while mainland students normally sleep before one in the morning. Hong Kong people seem to be busy with their work all the time and they don't know how to enjoy their lives."

Nevertheless, Alice believed that she would soon be affected by the "night culture" of the local students. To strive for a balance between the two cultures, she hopes to absorb the merits of Hong Kong and still keep traditional Chinese culture.



Written by Desiree Lui (Lisheng)

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