As you may have noticed, we have many exchange students living in PolyU halls this semester. In order to know more about their cultures and feelings towards PolyU & PolyU students, I had interviews with two exchange students: Jenny from Finland and Sik from Korea.

Enthusiastic Jenny

Jenny is from Finland. She is now studying Hotel Management at PolyU and she is a Lizhi Hall resident!

It is the first time that Jenny has come to Hong Kong. She thinks that Hong Kong is a nice place and Hong Kong people are friendly and helpful. When Jenny gets lost, people always take initiative to offer help and this impresses her so much!

Why did Jenny choose Hong Kong for her exchange programme? Well, she knew from two Hong Kong girls studying in her University in Finland that Hong Kong is an attractive and exciting place. Thus, she made up her decision to come to study in Hong Kong and get to know people and culture in Hong Kong.

She thinks the learning atmosphere in HK is relaxing. Professors are helpful and classmates are nice and friendly. She likes PolyU Hall very much because she can enjoy many activities and facilities to enrich her life in Hall.

She plans to visit Thailand and Singapore after the final examinations. In fact, she has already been to Macau & Beijing within a couple of months!

Good luck to Jenny's study at PolyU!

Smart Sik

Would you like to know what factors push Sik to come to Hong Kong for his exchange studies? Well, he thinks that English proficiency in Hong Kong is quite high and the cost of living is quite low. Most importantly, Hong Kong is close to Korea and it only takes around three hours to go back home in Korea!

What impressed Sik most is that Hong Kong is very crowed all the time and people walk very fast. (Ha, we are effective & efficient) Also, HK is a metropolitan city with a mix of foreign and Chinese culture. Buildings in HK are both historical and modern.

Sik has found the main differences between Hong Kong people and Korean people: HK people always have group activities while Koreans like to be work individually, though they do have team work.

He also said that students in HK seldom drink alcohol, but Korean people like drinking very much! Drinking is also one of the ways he makes friends on campus in Korea.

Sik is smart and hard-working and his English standard is quite high. He always borrows many books and read extensively to broaden his knowledge. Ha, his thirst for knowledge really sets us a good example.

" It was fun to talk with exchange students because we did have lots in common and have lots to exchange. I would like to send all my wishes to Jenny & Sik and hope that their experience at PolyU will be kept long in their memory. "



Written by Candy Chan (Lizhi)

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