Chengde High Table Dinner was held on 19th November. For me, it was the most memorable high table dinner because of the Olympic theme and many internal and external guests. The external guest was York Chow, the secretary of the Hygiene, Welfare and Food Bureau, while the internal guests included PolyU president, Prof. Poon and professors from School of Nursing.

Mr. Chow used to be one of the heads in the Board of Directors at PolyU before he took up the new position offered by HKSAR government. He studied the health science and he is now a professor in the Department of Health Science at PolyU. Commenting on PolyU, Mr. Chow said that he is pleased to see the establishment of the student halls of residence. He also stressed that university life is more than studying and pursuing knowledge, learning to interact with people and strengthen communication skills also play an important role in university education. Therefore, he said that student hall is where university students can learn to be independent, to be a future leader and equip with necessary soft skills which are important in future careers.

Mr. Chow said that the possibility of Hong Kong to hold an Olympic event in 2008 is not that high because so far HK doesn’t have adequate hard and soft infrastructures. But HK may take responsibility of holding some games in the 2010 Asian World Games.

The High Table Dinner went smooth. Following the speeches by the president and Mr. Chow, there were attractive performances and shows. Each participant also received a souvenir of Olympic Games. It was really a rewarding experience to attend such successful High Table Dinner with famous guests!



Written by Candy Chan (Lizhi)

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