With the theme of autumn, the season of harvest, Minyin Hall High Table Dinner was held on 26 October 2004, successfully kicking off a series of HD events in the Halls. The special guests, special arrangement and special decoration made it a special night to remember.

The honourary guest speaker was Mrs Rita Fan, the President of Hong Kong Legislation Council. Mrs Fan talked to students with sincerity and concern, sharing her own job seeking experience many years ago. The fact that she worked at PolyU long ago brought the speaker and listeners together. Never before has the Hall seen such a quiet and absorbed audience during high table dinners. "Get ready for future and get ready for the society". Mrs Fan's suggestions on how to make a good start in the job market will surely benefit many year-three students in Minyin Hall.

The team of Minyin Hall Student Association showed their creativity and enthusiasm in organizing this hall education function. The ideas of Halloween and taking lemon or chocolate were weaved together. The hand-mad lanterns, lemon and chocolate candy packs, flowers, leaves and fruits were kept in numerous cameras, and numerous hearts.

Minyin Hall plays as an early bird this year: running the first O' Camp and the first High Table Dinner. We will make effort to be the first in many aspects of hall life.



Written by Li Lan (Minyin Hall Senior Tutor)


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