10 November 2004

Dear Johnny (Warden of Kaiyuan Hall),

It was really amazing to see the achievements of Kaiyuan Hall High Table Dinner:

1. Simple decorations yet with elegance. The dinning hall was creatively decorated in a cost effective and less time-consuming manner.
2. Arrangement of a waiting room for VIPs before their being invited to enter the hall showed the organizer's sensitivity and considerateness.
3. High attendance rate. 95% of registered students attended the dinner.
4. Punctuality. Most attendees had seated to welcome the VIPs (the message that later comer will not be served seems rather effective)
5. A clear and full introduction of the guest speaker. The bibliography based introduction received students' immediate attention.
6. Full attention and respect to the guest speaker. The students demonstrated grace while listening to the speech.
7. Reflective video show. A brief hall video clip showed the functions/activities of KY over the years to share the happiness, strengthen hall spirit and bring reminiscence to the old boys/girls who were also guests at the HTD.
8. Smooth run-down which enabled the caterer to serve F&B in 45 minutes without any interruption, though the students must have been very hungry.

I felt proud sitting at the head table and enjoyed the very impressive HTD. It is obvious that your guidance, attentiveness to details and clear dissemination of information and arrangements about the HTD to the residents beforehand are critical to the achievements.

Please pass my congratulation to all the organizers and student helpers, who had devoted so much time and energy to organize and make this event a success.

Best regards

Hall Manager



Edited by Li Lan (Minyin Hall Senior Tutor)


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