Fires can happen anywhere and create enormous risk to everyone. Conducting regular fire drills will give us experience to escape from a fire safely. The FMO planed and conducted a fire drill on Friday, 29 Oct 2004, for the hall residents to get well-prepared for any accidental fire. It was also an opportunity for those who have specific duties to exercise their duties and report any problems they may encounter.

As you may have found, every room in the hall has an exit diagram at the back of the door and two or three sprinklers, which will ensure residents’ safety in case of fire. Fire drills are further steps to protect us. Before the fire drill, posters were put up on the notice boards near elevators at each wing to introduce the sound of the fire alarm and the sound of the smoke detector, so that everyone could recognize them and respond quickly.

When the alarm started, the hall residents evacuated in order; no confusion, no panic and no injury were found. Students followed the fire lines to the exits and no one used elevator. At the designated meeting points, the students were quite excited, not about the fire drill, but about the firemen’s work. It was amazing to see how the fire engine lifted a fireman to the 13th floor.

The fire drill was successfully implemented. It was not only an exercises for fire prevention but also good physical exercise: we had to walk hundreds of staircases! Hopefully we never need a real escape.



Written by Michelle Luo (Kaiyuan)


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