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Building appreciation for trees and flowers through TreeMap@PolyU

Trees and flowers are an integral part of the PolyU campus landscape. Apart from adding a splash of colours, trees and flowers bring an abundance of benefits to the University’s campus development. They can improve the aesthetics of the campus landscape and contribute to the biodiversity of the campus. Their presence in the outdoor areas has a rejuvenating effect, boosts happiness and creates a most relaxing atmosphere for all.

Trees and flowers are an important resource to the University community. The Campus Sustainability Office recognizes the value of trees and flowers at PolyU, and that they deserve attention. The office is instrumental in promoting and encouraging the University community to learn more about the trees and flowers as well as to care about them. Designed to stimulate the interest of the University community and inculcate in them an appreciation of these trees and flowers, the TreeMap@PolyU is recently revamped to bring about a brand-new online presence that exhibits the magnificent campus greenery. Users can access it on a desktop or via any mobile device on hand conveniently.

The recent TreeMap@PolyU incorporates an interactive campus map     Users can access TreeMap@PolyU on a desktop or mobile device

With information and support from the Facilities Management Office, this new TreeMap@PolyU presents a nice-looking, easy-to-use responsive web platform that allows users to identify different tree and flower species in various regions on campus with just a few clicks. This platform incorporates an interactive campus map with location markings of the trees and flowers and offers a seamless experience to users as they can zoom in on the map to locate the individual tree and flower species. By then the users can read some in-depth information on each tree and flower species such as their growing period, characteristics of leaves and fruits, as well as some interesting stories behind their names. For lovers of flowers, they can use this TreeMap@PolyU to find in-season blooms since this platform presents information on which flowers thrive in which season. 

Location and information of the trees and flowers can be found     Users can find in-season flower blooms

With this TreeMap@PolyU, the University community and visitors will be able to read and enjoy more about this colourful and vibrant campus in a fun and informative way. Connect and immerse in the interaction with greenery in the University environment now!

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