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WEEE-CYCLING re-runs on campus

The well-received WEEE-CYCLING activity to collect unwanted electrical appliances shed lights on campus again in June 2018. Staff and students were invited to drop off those electrical appliances they no longer need at a dedicated collection counter on campus. These appliances were then handled by ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions (HK) Limited, and the functional ones would be refurbished and donated to deserving families. A lunch sharing was arranged as well to share with the audience various tips to keep their electrical appliances in good shape.

This WEEE-CYCLING activity was organized to echo the World Environment Day (WED) and invited the University community to reflect on their responsibility towards the environment. Celebrated every year on 5 June, World Environment Day has long been an important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. PolyU is excited to pull efforts to highlight this and to engage as many people as possible through organizing different activities.

In the lunch sharing on 12 June, Mr. Tse Tung Hoi, the guest speaker invited the participants to rethink about our consumption behaviors of today:

The speaker invites participants to re-think their habits

“We have often set aside what we need to do to keep our appliances healthy. We go shopping for replacements right away when we think that they are not functioning. We bring home the trendy and latest models, neglecting the fact that we may not really need them. We have deliberately forgotten how the old ones become trash items for landfills. Are we doing it right?” 

The University wants to bring out the importance that we should embed a respect and love for the environment. We can do our part to divert old and unwanted household appliances from the waste stream. We can be more careful with what we have in our hands, handle them responsibly, and we can save energy and reduce the need to acquire new ones. We can minimize needless consumption, and prevent needless waste. 

Counter to collect unwanted electrical appliances on campus          Various appliances and items were collected in two days


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