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Urban Farming programme returns with more passion and excitement

The fun-packed and ‘green-fulfilling’ farming programme organized by the Campus Sustainability Office returns to the PolyU campus in this hot summer!

Urban farming @ Y6 - Phase 2

20 groups of PolyU staff and students who aspire to become urban farmers pledged strong commitment to grow their own vegetables and started their gardening work under the bright sky on 9 July. They were the participants of the UrbanFarming@Y6 programme (Phase Two) who enrolled with a passion for experiencing gardening. Most of them are new and inexperienced farmers, yet they are excited by the idea of taking learning into their own hands.

The first workshop was a challenging and fruitful lesson to all participants. With cultiweeders, trowels and watering pots, the participants worked hard to remove weeds and debris from their planter boxes under an outdoor temperature of 35 degrees Celsius. Soaked in sweat, they carried on with the gardening work wearing smiles on their faces.

Urban farming @ Y6 - Phase 2

They broke open the bags and mixed the compost. With guidance and advice from the instructor, they learned more about what constitutes healthy soil and the differences between organic and chemical fertilizers. They were also given the opportunities to understand and examine how timely application and the accurate placement of the correct types of fertilizers and nutrients would help achieve successful yields. 

The most exciting moment came when the participants worked on their own plant nurseries and sowed seeds directly. They were filled with high expectations for seed germination, and were thrilled beyond words to know they would be able to nurture green leafy vegetables and herbs in their own hands this summer.      

Farming and gardening work require intensive labour and devotion. But that will never outweigh the satisfaction derived from cherishing your self-grown vegetables and the happiness when being out to embrace the nature.  

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