First-year Experience

Why participate?

Your seniors have participated in a variety of activities, ranging from serving on university committees to establishing social enterprise here in PolyU. Haven’t decided what’s best for you? Let them offer some clues.

CHAN Chi Chung, Kison
Institute of Textiles and Clothing
Kison tells you how his active participation on campus opens the door to a fulfilling career.

WONG Chi Ho, Terry
BA (Hons) in Social Policy and Administration
Department of Applied Social Sciences
Terry speaks of co-founding a social enterprise with PolyU schoolmates.

LEE Yeuk Ying, Krystal
BSc (Hons) in Surveying
Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics
Krystal believes that “walking ten thousand miles is more fun than reading ten thousand books”. Hear about her adventure as an aquatic assistance in an overseas girl scout camp.

YU Shung Pong
BA (Hons) in Design
School of Design

Pong talks about how participation in a student committee can be rewarding.

BBA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance
School of Accounting and Finance
As a business major, Luomin treasures valuable experience gained from the exciting business competitions.

VO Thi Mai Khanh
BBA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance
School of Accounting and Finance
Khanh tells you why, as an international student, she finds Hong Kong a home away from home.

WONG Ka Ho, Curtis
BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Curtis proposes a different way to define success and realize your potentials in university.