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Most-cited Journal Papers
External Competitive Research Grants

Research Grants Council (RGC) - General Research Fund (GRF)

Dept Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Project Title Approved Duration (Months) Funding Awarded
CBS Dr Wang Binhua Prof Munday Jeremy (University of Leeds) How Does a Present Itself in Translated/Interpreted Political Discourse? - Multi-dimensional Analyses based on the Multi-composite Corpus of China's Political Discourse (MCCPD) 24 472,000
CBS Dr Lee Yat Mei Sophia Prof Huang Chu-Ren (CBS)

Prof Li Shoushan (Soochow University)
Meaning behind the Message: The Interplay of Form, Event, and User Profile in Implicit Emotions 24 514,500
CC Dr Chien Li-kuei Nil Bodhisattvas for Sale: Scholars, Curators, Dealers and Collectors in the Market for Medieval Chinese Buddhist420,000 Sculpture 36 420,000
CC  Dr Tam King-fai  Nil  Remembering World War II in Hong Kong Popular Culture 18 359,850
ENGL Dr Veloso Francisco 

Dr Wildfeuer Janina (University of Bremen, Germany)

Dr Feng Dezheng (ENGL)

Prof Bateman A. John (University of Bremen)

Prof Matthiessen Christian (ENGL)

Text-image relations: an empirical investigation of the semiotic labour of comicbooks 36 572,492
ENGL Dr Yap Foong Ha

Dr Xu Hui Ling (Macquarie University)

Dr Kashyap Abhishek Kumar (ENGL)

Dr Chen Weirong (University of International Business and Economics)

Prof Matthews Stephen (HKU)

Valence-reducing phenomena and the emergence of markers of speaker affectedness 24 502,600
ENGL Dr Evans Stephen John  Nil  Investigating the past, illuminating the present: Perspectives on language policies and practices in Hong Kong education 36 187,000
ENGL Dr Chan Mable  Nil  The Role of Pedagogical Intervention: Acquisition of Tense by Cantonese ESL Learners in Hong Kong 36 677,300
ENGL Prof Warren Martin Dr Leung Chi Kong
(Chiyu Banking Corporation Ltd HK) 

Prof Firth Michael (LU)
Determining the lexico-grammar and move structure of corporate governance reports 24 682,500
 CBS Prof Huang Chu-ren  Dr Zhang Huarui (Institute of Computational Linguistics, Peking University) 

Prof Lu Jianming (Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Peking University) 

Prof Shi Dingxu (CBS) 

Dr Lin Jingxia (CBS)
World Chineses and Their GrammaticalVariations: Empirical Studies based onComparable Corpora  36  603,064
 CC Dr Lowry Kathryn Anne  Nil A Singular Talent, Deng Zhimo as Editor-Author of Dictionaries and Fiction  24  240,442
 ENGL Dr Evans Stephen John Dr Morrison Bruce (ELC) Meeting the challenges of English-mediumhigher education: The undergraduateexperience of the new Hong Kong curriculum 36   604,630


Research Grants Council (RGC) - Early Career Scheme (ECS)

Dept Principal Investigator Project Title Approved Duration (Months) Funding Awarded
CC Dr Tsui Kai Hin Brian Turncoats: Political Conversion and Anti-Communism in Nationalist China, 1927-1949 24 338,700
CC Dr Tse Wai Kit Wicky Forging a New Political Order on the Edge of the Empire: Legitimacy, Ethnicity, and the Northwestern Borderlands in Early Medieval China 24 397,000
ENGL Dr TAY Dennis Zhiming Metaphors in Hong Kong psychotheraphy talk - description, comparison, and application 36 371,000
CC Dr Lee Sylvia Wun-Sze

Seventeenth-century Women Painters and their Negotiation of Identities

30 240,000
CBS Dr Yao Yao Exploring word order variation in Chinese: A case study of the use of BA construction 24 308,000
CBS Dr Lee Yat Mei Sophia Emotion in Code-switching Contexts: Paving the Way for a Multilingual World 36 767,000
CC Dr Chien Li-kuei The Contemplating Image in the Popular Buddhism of Sixth Century Hebei 24 210,870

Economic & Social Research Council / Research Grants Council Joint Research Scheme (ESRC / RGC Joint Research Scheme)
ESRC/RGC Joint Research Scheme (5th Round) (2013)

Dept Principal Investigator  (HK) UK  Partner  Project Title Approved Duration (Months) Funding Awarded
CBS Dr Li Dechao Dr Richard Xiao, Lancaster University Comparable and Parallel Corpus Approaches to the Third Code: English and Chinese Perspectives 18 327,968

Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) - Research and Development Projects 2015-16

Dept Principal Investigator Project Title Approved Duration  Funding Awarded
CBS Dr Leung Wai Mun Using supplementary materials to enhance Primary 6 Non-Chinese students' Chinese ability: An action research 2015-16 333,732
CBS Dr Liu Yi The acquisition of Cantonese vowels and intonation by Hindi-Urdu students at Hong Kong Primary and Secondary schools 2015-16 493,350
ENGL Dr Phoebe Lin Developing an intelligent tool for computer-assisted formulaic sequence learning from YouTube videos 2015-16 994,980

National Natural Science Foundation of China - Young Scientists Fund 2015

Dept Principal Investigator Project Title Approved Duration (Months) Funding Awarded
CBS Dr Zhang Caicai Production and perception of lexical tone and music in Cantonese-speaking amusics 24 240,000
Benefits and Contribution to the Community

Faculty of Humanities develops and supports areas of research excellence that have a significant impact on professions, the community and the nation. The following are two perfect examples:

The International Research Centre for Communication in Healthcare (ICCH) encourages world-class research and practice and seeks to improve communication in healthcare. It is dedicated to finding solutions to the increasing problem of communication breakdowns, medical errors, avoidable patient harm and escalating patient and clinician dissatisfaction commonly witnessed in our society.

Collaborated with Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs), the Speech Therapy Unit (STU) offers assessment and treatment services to people in the community suffering from communication and swallowing disorders, such as children with oral and/or reading disabilities, as well as ageing population with aphasia and hearing impairment. STU serves both people in the local community and on the Chinese Mainland who might otherwise have limited access to healthcare services.

To promote research excellence, the Faculty offers the Dean’s Award for Research Excellence (DARE) to academic staff members with outstanding performance/achievement in research and scholarly activities in the area of Humanities. The award has two categories, namely: a) Research which expands knowledge in the field; and b) Research which improves our quality of life, including research in teaching and learning. Click here to view recipients. 

  • Partnerships with industries

Our professional researchers also form dedicated partnership with a wide range of organisations and corporations in different fields, such as public administration, education, business, engineering and provide tailor-made high level consultancy services to them, in addition to undertaking contract research projects in the areas of professional language training, courseware development and language advice with various Government bodies, quasi-governmental organisations and prestigious listed companies and institutions.

A prime example of our research output which contributes to the society is the “Hong Kong Financial Services Corpus ” developed by the Research Centre for Professional Communication (RCPCE) with substantial financial funding from the Research Grants Council of the HKSAR.

The HKFSC is compiled for users to learn more about the language of the financial services industry, in particular the study of the patterns of use of specific words and phrases with a large collection of texts collected from the financial services sector of Hong Kong with currently more than 6,700,000 words in the corpus. The Corpus can benefit financial services professionals, academics and students locally and internationally and is available to all users free of charge. The computer software used to search the HKFSC on ConcGramOnline c was designed and written by the Department of English.

The Call Centre Communication Research (CCCR) project is another project which could bring great benefit to the society. The research team is able and willing to work with members of the call centre industry to carry out communication related research and consultancies, to conduct language audits with a focus on specific communication areas such as points where the interaction breaks down, and offer advice and planning on curriculum development, training, recruitment and all other areas related to communication.

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