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Chinese Student Weekly and the Cold War

by Prof Poshek Fu, Department of History, University of Illinois at Urbana‒Champaign

                  10 May 2019
Time                 4:30pm-6:00pm
Venue               AG710
(The event will be conducted in English and Putonghua.)

Drawn from the Asia Foundation Collection my talk focuses mainly on the first decade of the Chinese Student Weekly as Hong Kong became the key battlefield of Asiaʼs cultural Cold War. The weekly worked most closely with the American organization in the war for the hearts and minds of Chinese diaspora. Was it an American stooge serving its ideological agenda as some of its recent critics charged? What did its covert involvement in the propaganda warfare tell us about what historian Qian Mu called “the history of exiles in Hong Kong?” In what ways did the magazine shed lights on the questions of politicization of cultural production and border-crossing movements between Hong Kong and Southeast Asia? All these contribute to bring light to the complexity of Hong Kongʼs role in Asiaʼs Cold War experiences.

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