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FH Distinguished Lecture Series - The Ends of Eurasia's Proposed Belt-Road: Urgent Matters of Social Policy

by Prof. Dr. Ole Döring, Professor of Philosophy, Freie Universität, Berlin

Date                  13 February 2018
Time                 4:30pm-6:00pm
Venue               AG710
(The talk will be conducted in English.)

Eurasia is growing together. Growing overland connections between East Asia and Western Europe provide challenges and opportunities. Beyond the most obvious physical projects for business and infrastructure building, we need to address conceptual as well as environmental, geo-strategic and social concerns.

How can the “New Silk Road” facilitate cultivated interaction, justice and stability while sustaining the diversity of sources of human value? The global need for coherent answers, to matters of social security, people’s health, aging societies, global justice, IT and Bio-Tec management, calls for integrated approaches for innovation. We are more than neighbors of isolated ports en route. The range and characteristics of economic opportunities and benefits should be extended beyond rationales of profit, in order to make Eurasia conceivable, feasible and sustainable as a cultural habitat.

This raises fundamental questions about the frameworks, rules and means we need to vitalize in order to learn the best from another. This talk will argue for a collaborative governance framework that redefines economic and security objectives in terms of trans-national social policy under the principles of humanity and justice.

Ole Doering is a German Philosopher and Sinologist. 
He holds a Magister Artium degree (Goettingen), a Ph.D. (Bochum) and Habilitation in Philosophy (Karlsruhe). Since 1996, he engages a research program on life-science and public health related ethical, legal and social issues, focusing on governance, cultural hermeneutics and global health. For several years, he is collaborating with the GEC, Hong Kong PolyU. In 2017, he became William Evans Fellow (Otago, NZ). He is scientific and ethical quality advisor at Danube Private University (Austria). He received honorable appointments from Chinese universities. In 2009, he was awarded by the Journal “Yixue yu Zhexue” (Medicine and Philosophy) for his contribution to the advancement of ethics in medicine.
His current research is focused on the Integrity, Solidarity and Chinese Philosophy. His vast work is published widely. Dr. Doering plays an active role in engaging science-society interaction and advises companies and governmental bodies.

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