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Giving Teaching and Research equal weight: What is the Teaching Excellence Framework about?

by Dr Renia Lopez (ENGL)

Date                  27 April 2017
Time                 2:30pm-3:30pm
Venue               AG710
The talk will be conducted in English.

In 2016 the British Government proposed a series of measures to improve teaching in higher level institutions in England and Wales, under the umbrella of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), which is designed to monitor and assess the quality of teaching. Its objectives are:

• To provide the best possible teaching experience to students.
• To give equal weight to teaching and research.
• To improve transparency (information, metrics).
• To encourage institutions to excel in diversity.

News of the implementation of the TEF reached English and Welsh universities in late 2015 and most have already started to implement measures to comply with the new requirements and to track the data that will allow for comparisons of institutions across England and Wales. Based on these results, universities will be grouped into one of three categories, bronze, silver or gold. This talk will review the requirements of the TEF and its implications for English medium universities.

Dr Renia Lopez is leader of the Minor in European Studies (Department of English). She was in the UK, working at the University of Huddersfield, when news of the TEF reached the general public (including most academics). All staff were involved in a series of information and consultation sessions about the new measures. Renia returned to HK before the full implementation of TEF in UK.

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