PLACE Camp 2018

PLACE is where we meet. It is a 4-day* summer camp that presents a unique opportunity for secondary/high school students to experience university life at the PolyU’s Faculty of Humanities (FH). Based on the two undergraduate programmes of the Faculty, namely BA(Hons) in Chinese and Bilingual Studies (BACBS) and BA(Hons) in English Studies for the Professions (BAESP), PLACE offers participants a variety of fun and practical activities and lectures that enhance your knowledge and competence in language, culture and communication. You will know what it is like being a FH student, and have plenty of opportunities to learn useful hands-on skills and knowledge about language and culture from our FH distinguished teachers in a real university environment.


* Local participants have the option to skip Day 4 (20 July) if so wish.

From PLACE participants:


“…A fantastic experience where people from other corners of the world met together, interacted with others and learnt from each other…”


“…I acquired a bunch of culture-related knowledge through the camp. For me, the activities were rather fascinating and truly provided opportunities for us to get access in learning different culture, and train up my skills in speaking various foreign languages...”


“…The world is much bigger than you think. Equip yourself with different languages to make friends around the world and experience different culture…”

PLACE Camp Highlights

  • Explore the beautiful Hong Kong PolyU campus and experience a taste of university learning and student hall life
  • Indulge your academic passions through the four-day intensive activity with distinguished lecture series and fun and practical activities
  • Learn to work creatively and communicate effectively in an increasingly diverse and connected world alongside a cohort of high-achieving peers
  • Meet language and culture lovers and make new friends from various local and overseas schools


  • The activity is designed for current high school students (Secondary 5 or 4 or Grade 12/11/10 students in the academic year 2017/18 or the equivalent) from Hong Kong and our targeted countries who are with good high school results and recommended by their schools at the invitation of the Faculty
  • Other interested students, including current HKDSE students, can also approach Ms Emily IP ( for application
  • For participants who are aged under 18 by 16 July 2018, agreement from their parents/guardian is needed to participate in this activity


Prof CHU Hung-lam

Dean of Faculty

Dr LI Dechao

Associate Dean

Summer Camp Leader

Dr Nathan ALBURY

Department of English

Prof Louise CUMMINGS

Department of English

Prof HAN Xiaorong

Department of Chinese Culture

Dr Maggie HUI

Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies

Prof David C.S. LI

Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies


Departure of Chinese Culture


Department of English

Dr Dennis TAY

Department of English

Ms Angela TSE

Department of English

Dr YAO Yao

Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies

Dr WU Wing Li

Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies

Dr Wicky TSE

Department of Chinese Culture

PolyU Language and Culture Exploration (PLACE) Camp 2018

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PolyU Language and Culture Exploration (PLACE) Camp 2018







17-20 July 2018