Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China located in south China, east of the Pearl River Delta. And it is in the same time zone as Beijing (UTC+8).

PolyU located at the center of Kowloon, beside Hung Hom Station. Hung Hom Bus Ternimal and Railway Station where connects the East Rail Line and West Rail Line.

Transportation to PolyU from Hong Kong Airport

By Bus: take A21 to the last stop at Hung Hom Station.

By MTR:take the MTR Airport Express to Kowloon Station, then take a taxi or a mini-bus to Hung Hom Station.

By Taxi: call a RED taxi. (blue taxi serves only within Lantau Island)

Transportation to PolyU from ShenZhen, Chinese Mainland

If you are coming PolyU from Chinese Mainland, you may first arrived at ShenZhen. Commonly, there are three Checkpoints to enter Hong Kong, HuangGang Checkpoint (24hr), FuTian Checkpoint (6:40-22:30), and LuoHu Checkpoint (6:00-24:00).

From Airport: by bus Airport Express 330 to LuoHu Station. Then go through LuoHu Checkpoint, and take MTR East Rail Line to Hung Hom Station.

From Airport: take a taxi to FuTian Checkpoint/LuoHu Checkpoint, then take MTR East Rail Line to Hung Hom Station.

From Airport: By ShenZhen-Kowloon Bus to the Checkpoint, then cross the boarder. After you enter Hong Kong, find the same bus you took before. The bus will take you to Kowloon Station in west Kowloon, then take a taxi or a mini-bus to PolyU.

From ShenZhen Railway Station at LuoHu: Directly go through the LuoHu Checkpoint and take the MTR East Rail Line to Hung Hom station.

In PolyU

PolyU Campus Map


Choi Fook Royal Banquet

Shop 858, The Metropolis Arcade, 6 Metroplis Drive, Hung Hom

Regal Kowloon Hotel


Regal Kowloon Hotel

71 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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