Art Pal (2018/19, Second Semester)
Art Pal offers a wide range of activities for students and staff who are totally into, mildly keen on, or not (yet) sure whether they’re the least bit interested in art and culture! From calligraphy to painting, from dance to theatre, from music to cultural heritage, Art Pal will help you see the fun and beauty of art and culture, and hook you up with pals who share the same enthusiasm. Pal up with Art Pal today!

Enrol here (Enrolment begins on 14 January 2019, 8 am)

Visual Arts
Ceramic Workshop (Class A)
Ceramic Workshop (Class B)
Ceramic Workshop (Class C)

Chinese Paper Cutting Workshop (Class A)
Chinese Paper Cutting Workshop (Class B)

Glass-blowing Workshop (Class A)
Glass-blowing Workshop (Class B)
Glass-blowing Workshop (Class C)
Glass-blowing Workshop (Class D)
Glass-blowing Workshop (Class E)

Mosaic Art Workshop
Sculpture Workshop
Chinese Calligraphy Workshop – Clerical Script (Intermediate)
Chinese Calligraphy Workshop – Regular Script
Contemporary Ink Art Workshop: Inheritance and Future of Ink Art
Collage Workshop
Watercolour Workshop
Western Calligraphy Workshop – Copperplate Script
Western Calligraphy Workshop – Italic Script
Black and White Landscape Photography Workshop
Introduction to Photography (Class A)
Introduction to Photography (Class B)

Performing Arts
Acting Workshop
Directing Workshop
Contemporary Dance Workshop
Jazz Dance Workshop
Pop Song Singing Workshop (Class A)
Pop Song Singing Workshop (Class B)

Ukulele Workshop (Class A)
Ukulele Workshop (Class B)

Dubbing Workshop (Class A)
Dubbing Workshop (Class B)
Dubbing Workshop (Class C)

DIY Leather Workshop (Class A – Card Holder)
DIY Leather Workshop (Class B – Bangle)
DIY Leather Workshop (Class C – Pouch)
DIY Leather Workshop (Class D – Passport Holder)

Silver Clay Workshop (Class A – Silver Ring)
Silver Clay Workshop (Class B – Silver Pendant with Zircon)

Tie Dye Workshop (Class A – Natural Dyeing: Onion Skin Dyeing & Japanese Indigo Dyeing)
Tie Dye Workshop (Class B – Colour Dyeing: Double Colour Dyeing & Triple Colour Dyeing)

A Feast of Art (Enrolment deadline: 14 February 2019)
Guided Tour by Mr Tang Hoi-chiu
Exhibition of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy by Ou Da-wei

Cultural Heritage
Cantonese Opera Singing Class
Cultural Trail – Exploration of Kennedy Town
Cultural Trail – Exploration of Old Hong Kong
Cultural Trail – Exploration of Sham Shui Po
Visit to Tai Kwun
Visit to Xiqu Centre
PolyU Kung Fu Festival: Fujian Yongchun White Crane Class
PolyU Kung Fu Festival: Pak Mei Saam Mun Class
PolyU Kung Fu Festival: Traditional Chinese Archery Class

Medium of Instruction (Please refer to the individual page of each workshop)
Chi: Cantonese
Eng: English
Chi+Eng: Cantonese, supplemented with English

Important Notes
1)  Art Pal is only for PolyU students and staff.
2)  The enrolment deadline is 26 January 2019 (Saturday).
3)  Each person may enrol on maximum four workshops.
4)  Lots will be drawn by computer to determine the successful applicants who will hear from us by email on or before 28 January 2019 (Monday).
5)  For workshops that require a material fee, successful applicants are required to pay the fee, which is non-refundable on 29 & 30 January 2019 (Tuesday & Wednesday) to confirm their enrolment. Their places will be given to people on the waiting list if they fail to pay the fee during the period.
6)  For workshops that doesn't require a material fee, a confirmation link will be provided in the email sent to the successful applicants. They MUST click on the link in order to confirm their enrolment on or before 30 January 2019 (Wednesday). Failing to do so will result in forfeiting the place to an applicant on the waiting list.
7)  The content and schedule of the workshops are subject to change. Please visit our website regularly for updates.
8)  Participants who have successfully palled up with Art Pal and achieved an attendance rate of 80% or more will be:
        a.    recognized in the Co-curricular Achievement Transcript
        b.    awarded a Certificate of Attendance