2 - 6 January 2019 (Wednesday - Sunday)
Historian-in-Residence Programme: Dr Joseph S.P. Ting
Historical Exploration to Vietnam
Historical Exploration to Vietnam
Merchants on the Waves: Vietnam’s trading ties with countries along the Maritime Silk Roads

Tentative period: 2 - 6 January 2019 (Wednesday - Sunday)

Vietnam is a long, narrow country that stretches along the eastern coast of the Indochinese peninsula. Apart from its spectacular nature, Vietnam has played an integral part in the creation of the Maritime Silk Roads, an epic crossroads of goods, religions, ideas, peoples and cultures which has left a profound historical and cultural legacy for humanity.

Dr Joseph Ting will lead PolyU students and staff in a historical exploration to Vietnam to delve into its long and fascinating history.

*Please read this important information sheet before you enrol*

Please enrol Here on or before 27 November 2018 (Tuesday)

  • For PolyU full-time students and staff
  • Successful applicants must have attended the talk hosted by Dr Ting on 16 November 2018 (https://polyu.hk/HNeir)
  • Lots will be drawn by computer to determine the successful applicants
  • A fee is required
Enquiries: 3400 2433