Target to have over 20,000 PolyU staff, students, alumni and their companions, and friends of the University to participate in the event. After their arrival at Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground...
  1. Listen carefully to the briefing on the formation procedures by working staff
  2. Each participant will be given a double-sided coloured board on-site to help create the image.
  3. Each coloured board will be numbered, and participants will, follow the instructions of the working staff, stand accordingly on the marked position of the grass pitch area of the Sports Ground.
  4. Everything ready...The organizer will invite all participants to hold up the boards together to form the whole image, first, the national flag of PRC.
  5. Then, turn the board to the other side and form the regional flag of HKSAR.
Formation completed – let's make it happen, together!
  • To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR and the 70th Anniversary of PolyU.
  • To demonstrate the unity of the Hong Kong community and their caring for the society.
  • To raise fund to support PolyU's development, children's education on the mainland and services of the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (長者安居服務協會) in Hong Kong.
  • To attempt to break the Guinness World Records of the Largest Human National Flag.
Time Action
1:45 – 4:30
  • Registration by participants (scouts will arrive earlier)
  • Performance by artists and PolyU groups
  • Introduction and briefing on formation of flags
  • Participants will be guided by leaders to move to pitch area from different sections
  • Ceremony and Formation of National Flag of the People's Republic of China and Flag of HKSAR by participants
4:30 – 5:30
  • Participants to move back to spectator stands section by section (scouts will depart first)
  • Performance by artists
    Showing of video on formation of flags
  • Departure of all participants
Remarks: Participants can collect the certificate at the registration counters when they depart.
MC: DJs from Metro Radio (李麗蕊, 林柏希)

There are also performances by PolyU Student Taekwondo Club, and alumni Samuel Hui and Felix Chan, winners of RTHK and PolyU student hostel singing contests.

The organizer will provide shuttle bus service or coaches to transfer participants from 7 areas listed below to Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground. Participants please tick your selected pick-up point during registration.
  • near Admiralty MTR station
  • Heng Fa Chuen MTR Station
  • PolyU
  • PolyU Student Halls of Residence
  • near Prince Edward MTR Station
  • near Kowloon Tong MTR/ Railway Station
  • near Tsuen Wan MTR Station

For those who have registered, please be reminded to check the email on the transport and other arrangement sent to you from “70th Flags [CPA]” (, with subject: “Flags of Harmony and Unity – Reminder and Other Arrangements”, recently.

Depart from Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground

After the event, the organizer has arranged coach transport from Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground to 3 areas, as follows:

  • PolyU
  • Heng Fa Chuen MTR station
  • Admiralty MTR station

No pre-registration of departure points has to be made. Please follow the instructions announced on-site on the event day for departure arrangements.

  • The event also aims to raise funds to support the development of PolyU, mainland children's education and services of the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association in Hong Kong (長者安居服務協會).
  • Each participant is encouraged to donate or solicit donation of $200 when participating in the event. For donations over $100, receipts will be issued for tax exemption purpose.
  • Donation is on a voluntary basis – it is not a precondition for participating in this event.

Each participant will receive a cap and a certificate. (Participants can collect the certificate at the registration counters when they depart.)

PolyU students' contribution by attending this important and meaningful anniversary event will be recognized in the “Co-curricular Achievement Transcript”(CAT) issued by the University. Students must first register for their participation, take part in the event, and then bring along the certificate distributed on the event day to the Student Affairs Office for confirmation of CAT record.


Two categories of awards, one is for individual/group who/which raises the highest amount of donation and the other for groups having the highest proportion of members participating in the event. There will be altogether 27 awards. They are:

(a) Individual/group who/which has raised the highest amount of donation:

  • Alumnus – 3 awards
  • Staff – 3 awards
  • Student – 3 awards
  • Department/ Office – 3 awards
  • Departmental Alumni Association – 3 awards
  • Individual Hall from Student Halls of Residence – 3 awards

(b) Group which has the highest proportion of members participating in the event:

  • Department – 3 awards
  • Departmental Alumni Association – 3 awards
  • Individual Hall from Student Halls of Residence – 3 awards
Note: About Lucky Draw
Those PolyU staff, students and alumni who have made early bird registration (on or before 20 July) have automatically entered into a lucky draw. Lots have been drawn and the winners are listed below. Winners will also be notified by email. Thank you for all your participation and congratulations to the winners!
Prize Winner Registered contact no.

Twin Room with Body Pampering Package at Palm Island Resort

[x 2 prizes]
- sponsored by Le Spa

Details on Palm Island Resort:

Details on Le Spa:
Kam Wai-chun
Sit Luk-kam
6110 xxxx
9407 xxxx

"Croton" antique ladies' watch

[x 1 prize]
- sponsored by PolyU accountancy alumnus Mr Louis Chow

Wong Kit-ping 9266 xxxx

Canon PIXMA iP1880 Photo Printer

[x 10 sets]
- sponsored by Canon Hongkong Co. Ltd.

Chan Ka-wai
Chung Ka-man
Joyce Lo
Mak Yiu-wing
Ko Shun-wei
Sung Sze-man
Han Weizhou
Lam Chiu-hoi
Chan Tsz-lun
Lau Tak-ping
6149 xxxx
6180 xxxx
xxxx 2726
9866 xxxx
9251 xxxx
6028 xxxx
6487 xxxx
6281 xxxx
9788 xxxx
6078 xxxx

Dinner Buffet (for 2 persons)

[x 3 coupons]
- sponsored by Matsuya Japanese Restaurant

Kong Oi-kei
Chung Tak-shing
Lau Kam-yuen
9205 xxxx
9641 xxxx
6158 xxxx

One Free Hydrating Sparkling Facial Treatment

[x 3 coupons]
- sponsored by The Place

So Wai-kwan
Yu Ming-hwa
Chan Pik-to

6186 xxxx
6336 xxxx
9491 xxxx


One Free Paraffin Wax Hand Care Treatment

[x 2 coupons]
- sponsored by The Place

Chan Mei-kwan
Chow Pui-sze

6898 xxxx
9630 xxxx


Escargot dish

[x 3 coupons]
- sponsored byMarco’s Restaurant

Chan Tai-wai
Loh Wai-keung
Tsang Wai-man
9722 xxxx
9258 xxxx
9581 xxxx

PolyU members including staff, students and alumni are cordially invited to participate in the event and are encouraged to invite their companions to join. Friends of the University and other interested parties and members of the public are also welcome to join.

Notes to participants:

  • Registration is required for all participants. PolyU members are cordially invited to join the event. Their families and friends, other interested parties and members of the public are also welcome to join.
  • Each participant plays an important part in the formation of the human flags. Please do turn up on the event date, or inform the organizer via email/ fax in advance if you will not be able to join the event after registration. Your cooperation is deeply appreciated.
  • During the formation of the flags, 20,000 participants will be standing closely together at the grass pitch and holding up coloured boards collectively to form the whole image, participants must ensure that their health and physical conditions are suitable for the activity.
  • For safety concerns and for the image to be best shown, it is advised that participants with height 140 cm or above could join the formation.
  • Participants should dress casually.
  • Participants should have lunch before the activity.
  • Participants must act responsibly throughout the event to ensure your own safety and to avoid endangering the safety of others.
  • Participants must cooperate and follow the instructions of the duty personnel.
Supreme Sponsor
GMP Electrical Appliances Co., Limited  
Superior Sponsor
Oregon Scientific   
5-star Sponsor Mr Chan Keung
  Beautiful Group
  Bright Future Charitable Foundation
Harmony Sponsor Bank of China (Hong Kong)
  TC Interconnect Holdings Limited
Unity Sponsor Glory Moon Greeting Cards Co. Ltd
  Glorious Sun Holdings Limited
  Dr Ng Tat-lun
  Dr Peter K L Chu
  Analogue Group of Companies
  Leo Paper Group
  The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited
  Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council
  The Chan Tai Ho Charitable Trust
  Dr Frank Tsao
  Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium Limited
  Chong Hing Bank Ltd
  The Yuen Yuen Institute
Friendship Sponsor Mr Kenneth Ting Woo-shou
  Seven Seas Textiles Industries Limited
  China Star Products (Hong Kong) Limited
  China Overseas Holdings Limited
  Mr Raymond Chu
  Mr Ng Wing-hong
  Shinhint Acoustic Link Holdings Ltd
  Mr Raymond Lee Wai-man
  PolyU MEDC Lifelong Learning Alumni Association
  Dr Samson Sun
  SOMA International Limited
  Mr M H Liang
  Jibsen Capital (Holdings) Ltd
  Mr Danny Choi Chi-leung
  Global Household Products Limited
  Ruttonjee Estates Continuation Limited
Sponsor-In-Kind Asia Pacific Catering Corporation Limited
  C. A. Sheimer (H.K.) Limited
  Global One Headwear Limited
  Vitaland Services Limited
Other Sponsor Le Spa
  Mr Tam Siu-wing
  Canon Hongkong Co. Ltd.
  Mr Louis Chow (PolyU accountancy alumnus)
  Matsuya Japanese Restaurant
  The Place
Technical Advisor Mr Lui Lai-yee
Provision of venue Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Contingency Plan & No Refund Arrangement

If typhoon no. 8 signal is hoisted or black rainstorm signal is on before start of event, and is still in force at 1000 on 23 September 2007 or during course of event, the event will be cancelled. The organizer will make the decision to continue or call off the event in cases of other adverse weather conditions and/ or other unforeseen situations. Participants please pay attention to radio or TV broadcasting on the event. Participants (who have provided their mobile phone number during registration) will also be informed of the change through SMS.

Refund will not be made in any cases to all donors and sponsors and the donations will be contributed to support university education and charity.

  • For staff/ members of the public : 2766 5102 (Communications and Public Affairs Office)
  • For students: 2766 6800 (Student Affairs Office) / 2766 7025 (Students' Union)
  • For alumni: 2766 5418 (Alumni Affairs and Development Office) / 2766 5123 (Federation of PolyU Alumni Associations)
YOU are the person who can make this historic event happen! It's only with the joint efforts of 20,000 persons that we together can set a new record! Let's celebrate this very meaningful year of 2007 in the most special way!