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Assessment has a profound effect on student learning. What they learn, and the way they learn it, is driven by how they are going to be assessed. From the perspective of the teacher, you write the objective(s) of a subject you are going to teach, you then compile the syllabus detailing the subject content, and then decide upon the most appropriate method(s) of assessment. This approach constructively aligns Objectives, Syllabus Content, and Assessment. Students however, tend to see the situation rather differently, in reverse order, i.e. what will I be assessed on, how will this assessment be conducted, so what do I have to do to pass the subject with as high a grade as possible. This was one of the primary reasons why I am the Principal Investigator of an educational project titled “Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Assessment”.


This project aims at enhancing the quality of teaching and learning through designing, implementing effective assessment practices, and the effective use of assessment results. It shares a spirit of a deeper collaboration within the higher education sector locally and internationally. As a consequence, this conference is initiated by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, funded by The University Grants Committee of Hong Kong.

Mr. Steve Frankland
Project Leader
A UGC-funded Project “Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Assessment”