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Survey on Current Assessment Practices in Higher Education

Part A. Background Information
For questions in Part A, please indicate your answer with a tick in the most appropriate box.
1. Which position do you belong to?
Head of Department    
Others (please specify)
2. How many years have you been teaching in higher education?
11 or above    
Part B. Current Assessment Practices
For questions in Part B, please indiciate your answer with a tick with reference to the subjects you previously taught and assessed in the last three years at the University.
3. Please indicate the THREE most common assessment methods that you use in assessing students.
Open-book exam
(duration: hrs)
Closed-book exam
(duration: hrs)
Seminar presentation
Written test
(duration: hrs)
Laboratory report
Group assignment / project / report Practical test
Individual assignment / project Clinical / Industrial test
Portfolio Attendance at lecture/laboratory/
Peer-assessment Contribution at tutorial
Others (please specify)
4. Please indicate the THREE main reasons for designing on particular assessment methods to be used.
According to Faculty / Department policy
According to the Programme Document
According to the subject objective(s)
To follow previous practice
According to the requirement the professional bodies
Others (Please specify)
5. Please select in priority from 1st to 3rd (ie. 1 = first priority, 2 = second priority, 3 = third priority), what you conside the THREE most important reasons for assessing students.
To determine if students have met the subject objective(s)
To provide feedback to students on their learning / progress
To provide feedback for improvement of future teaching / assessment
To rank students To grade student's performance
To motivate students to study To satisfy professional requirement
To maintain professional standards To fulfill my duty as a teacher
Others (Please specify)
6. Please indiciate the major problem(s) encountered when implementing assessment practices. (you can select more than one answer)
The problem that students do not understand the questions.
Difficulty in understanding what students are trying to say when answering the questions
Difficulty in providing a fair grade to a student's work
Difficulty in grading examinations of large class sizes
Difficulty in assessing students' participation in large classes
Difficulty in providing detailed feedback to large classes of students
Difficulty in providing timely feedback to students
Difficulty in meeting administration deadlines
Other (Please specify)

Please rate according to the following scale.
Strongly Disagree (SD) Disagree (D) Neutral (N) Agree (A) Strongly Agree (SA)

7. You are satisfied with the method(s) you use for assessment.
8. The subject objectives are aligned when developing the assessment tasks.
Part C. Personal Information
For the purpose of data analysis, please provide us with some personal information. All information given will be kept confidential.


9. Your subject:
10. Your country/region:
11. Your institution:


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University The University of Hong Kong

This project, funded by University Grants Committee of Hong Kong, is an inter-institutuional collaborative project involving the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the University of Hong Kong.

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