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Criterion referenced vs norm referenced assessment
Curriculum based assessment
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Criteria and rubrics
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Other Useful References

Criteria and Rubrics


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By skill


University of Cincinnati; subject: history

University of Cincinnati; subject: health sciences

Western Washington University; subject: research method

Critical thinking

Subject: Nature of mathematics

Rio Salado College

Critical thinking rubric

Holistic critical thinking scoring rubric

Business subjects

Critical thinking scoring rubric critical_thinking_rubric.htm

University of Cincinnati; subject: literary studies

Knowledge integration

University of Cincinnati; subject: mechanical engineering

Problem solving

Problem solving rubric

Analytical thinking process in problem solving

Rio Salado's official problem-solving rubric

Scoring rubric for petroleum engineering program

National Adult Literacy Database (Canada)

High school Earth System Science course

The Big 6

Social responsibility

University of Cincinnati: subject: music

The Big 6University of Cincinnati: subject: nursing

By discipline


Alaska Department of Education and Early Development

Cultural studies

San Diego State University; peer evaluation of paper


University of Cincinnati; skill: knowledge integration

The California State University

Health sciences

University of Cincinnati; skill: communication


University of Cincinnati; skill: communication


University of Cincinnati; subject: literary studies

The California State University; subject: English

Mathematics K-12


Brattleboro Union High School; web project


University of Cincinnati: skill: social responsibility


University of Cincinnati: skill: social responsibility

Research method

Western Washington University, Department of Communication

By assessment task

Group work

Indiana University


Oral presentation


Subject: English

Other resources of rubrics

2Learn Together – contains guiding questions for developing rubrics

Assessment, Assessment Rubrics and Evaluation – annotated list of relevant websites

Authentic Assessment Toolbox – another nice, comprehensive website on rubric development, with a particularly detailed treatment on comparing analytic and holistic rubrics

Chicago Public School – a comprehensive and resourceful site for rubric development and performance assessment

Chicago Public School – contains examples of rubrics for a range of school subjects; provides tips for choosing rubrics

Creating rubrics: Inspire your students and foster critical thinking @– a series of five articles on the topic; require registration, but free

Develop Evaluation Tool/Rubric @ – a very brief step-by-step guide to developing an analytic rubric; good for getting some initial ideas

Guidelines for Rubric Development – Little details but contains a rare although brief treatment of using concept words to indicate level of performance. [See also our section on indicating level of performance]

PALS Guide – an in-depth yet practical treatment of the topic, a substantial guide on performance assessment

RubiStar – “a free tool to help a teacher make quality rubrics”

Rubric Development -

San Diego State University – contains suggested dimensions (aspect) for a range of skills

Software for Building Rubrics -

The Bowling Green University – rubrics for university learning outcomes

The California State University – link to examples of scoring rubrics

The Staff Room for Ontario’s Teachers – a lot of sample rubrics for a range of skills; a resource primarily for school teachers


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