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Methods of Assessing Learning Outcomes
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Methods of Assessing Learning Outcomes

Traditional assessment methods such as MCQ's, examinations, and assignments have been taken for granted. However, in higher education in particular, these methods are not well aligned to what we intend students to learn because they tend to assess what students say about the topic (declarative knowledge) rather than how students can apply their knowledge with understanding (functioning knowledge).

Some examples of methods of assessing declarative knowledge:

Essay examinations
Multiple choice questions
Open-book examinations
Closed-book examinations
Tests and quizzes
Ordered outcome items
Letter to a friend

Some examples of methods of assessing functioning knowledge:

Projects (individual)
Projects (group)
Reflective journals
Case studies

Some examples of rapid assessments (for assessment in large classes):

Concept maps
Venn diagrams
Three-minute essays

How do I choose what assessment method(s) to use?

Intended learning outcomes
Timing and workload
Class size

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