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Enhancing Teaching and Learning in Group Projects through Poster Assessment

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this project is to lead the students through a research project, from problem identification to the production of a research report. The original learning outcomes from this subject are that the students will be able to:

  1. carry out an initial review of a simple research topic;
  2. produce a preliminary project proposal;
  3. critically review the literature relevant to the approved project;
  4. define and refine project aims;
  5. propose an experimental hypothesis, and develop a protocol to test that hypothesis;
  6. carry out the data collection in regard to a simple research topic;
  7. prepare and submit a Project Report.

Furthermore to:

  1. determine, from students' perspective if the additional assessment component, poster assessment, is useful to facilitate learning;
  2. explore how can poster assessment be improved to enhance learning;
  3. determine if self-assessment and peer-assessment can complement each other to further enhance student learning.
Full Version of the Sub-project Proposal


Highlights of Project Outcome

  • Students took their project work more seriously as they were required to put in additional effort about how to present their work and how to defend it.

  • Poster assessment allowed the students to apply, communicate and to write concisely and precisely.

  • It also encouraged them to be more creative, to demonstrate their presentation skills, and encouraged deeper understanding of what they were doing

  • Working together with each other and with staff to develop assessment criteria, the use of peer and self assessment helped them to understand and appreciate the process and complexity of assessment; and have also helped to enrich their learning experience.

  • Feedback about their posters also allowed students to improve their final reports.

Self-reflection from the leader in running the project on:

  • what they have learned about their own teaching and assessment from doing the project;

  • what are they going to do differently in future as a result of their involvement in the project;

  • reflect on the impact of their sub project on the quality of student learning;

  • what action they might take (or what they would do differently) to improve learning (in addition to teaching and assessment which we raised yesterday) based from the experience of the sub project.

    Sub-project Report



  • This study is published as a book chapter in “Frankland, Steve (Ed.) (2007). Enhancing Teaching and Learning in Group Projects through Poster Assessment Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Assessment: Deriving an Appropriate Model. Hong Kong: The Assessment Resource Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. / The Netherlands: Springer.”


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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University The University of Hong Kong

This project, funded by University Grants Committee of Hong Kong, is an inter-institutuional collaborative project involving the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the University of Hong Kong.

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