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Appeal Against Assessment Results

If needed, a student should make his/her appeal in writing first to the Head of Department hosting the programme no later than 7 working days upon the public announcement of his/her overall examination results, i.e. the date when the overall results are announced to students via the web. The student will be informed of the result of the appeal in writing within 7 working days after either the announcement of the student's overall results or receipt of the letter of appeal, whichever is later.


If the student has other grounds which warrant a review of the decision of the Head of Department, he/she may then appeal in writing to the Academic Secretary not later than 7 working days after receipt of the Head of Department's / authorised person's reply.


A student's disagreement with the decision of a Subject Assessment Review Panel/Board of Examiners is not in itself an adequate ground for an appeal.


Please refer to the Student Handbook for details on the appeal procedures