February 2014


Stay Green, Stay Safe - Turn off Your Computer or Monitor When Not in Use

Getting ready for a long holiday? Or hurrying to leave the office at the end of a long day? Wait!  Don’t forget to save the Earth with one simple 'Click’ - shut down your computer before leaving. Powering off your computer can also make it less vulnerable to security attacks. If you really have to keep your computer running for some prolonged processes, you can also save energy by turning off your monitor.

Reminder - Phasing-out of Old Academic Computing Servcies

A number of old Academic Computing Services (ACS) will be phased-out starting from the end of February 2014. Remember to backup your data under the services if necessary before the service end dates.

Mobile Security Day Concludes Successfully on 21 February 2014

About 250 staff and students from PolyU and sister institutions attended the Mobile Security Day on 21 February 2014 co-organized by ITS and (ISC)2, a renowned international information security professional association. Share the highlights of this event aiming to raise the security awareness of the PolyU community in using mobile devices and applications in this issue of ‘Get Connected’.


In This Issue

Annual Internet Firewall Network Access Rules Re-registration Exercise
Training Workshop on Big Data Analytics for Research Users
Computerised Human Resources Information System (CHRIS) Can Now be Accessed by Chrome and Mobile Devices
Two-way Communication Channel with Departments - CLO Meeting on 5 March
March Staff IT Training Workshops


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