October 2013


Formulate Your Personal Data Backup Strategy Before it’s Too Late!

Doing backups is just like eating healthy - everyone agrees that we should, and yet very few of us actually do! However, data on computers and smart devices can easily be lost due to hard drive failures, accidental file deletions, stolen or lost devices or malware infections. Follow the 4 simple steps in this issue of ‘Get Connected’ to formulate your personal data backup strategy.

Software Asset Management (SAM) Exercise 2013/14

Time for a new round of SAM exercise - To facilitate departments / offices in conducting the SAM exercise at a time that can meet with their business operation schedule, flexibility will be provided for departments/offices to conduct and complete the SAM exercise any time before 31 October 2014.

Discontinuation of Support for IEEE 802.11b WiFi Devices

The legacy IEEE 802.11b WiFi protocol was released in 1999 with a maximum data transfer rate of only 11Mbps. To improve the overall performance of the University WiFi services and in view of the low utilization of 802.11b devices, the support for IEEE 802.11b protocol will be discontinued starting from 1 January 2014. Check out the impact on users.


In This Issue

Risk Assessment Questionnaire for Publicly Accessible Websites
Completion of Secondary Data Centre Relocation to Block Z and Annual Business Continuity Drill
FAQ on Staff Email: Why Email Attachments Become ‘Rich Text’ Format?
Meeting with Departmental CLOs on New IT Developments
November Staff IT Training Programmes


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