August 2013


2nd Road Show for Notebook Ownership Programme Starting on 2 September

Missed the 1st road show for this year’s Notebook Ownership Programme? Come and view the different Apple, Acer and Lenovo notebooks and tablets offered at discounted prices and to make your order during the 2nd road show starting on 2 September.

Are You Using Your Facebook Safely?

Social networking sites like facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn provide a convenient and interactive way for you to stay connected with your friends. But are you posting too much personal information that put yourself at risk? The simple rule of thumb to stay safe is not to over share. Check out some good practices to follow to protect yourself from social networking traps.

Did You Know - ITS Help Centre is the Right Place to Go When You have IT Problems!

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you have computer problems and IT service enquiries? Google search engine?  Well, this could be a good way to look for answers. But in PolyU, there is another good option which can help you in a more interactive way. It’s the ITS Help Centre. The ITS Help Centre is a one-stop, open-door help service provided to all staff and students.


In This Issue

IT Orientation Workshops for Newcomers
Chrome & Firefox Reveal Your Passwords in Just a Few Clicks!
Upgrade of PolyU Connect and Staff Email Services
Emails from PolyU Become Junk Mails?
September Staff IT Training Programmes


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