June 2013


Staff Email Service as Official Communication Channel to Replace GroupWise

Following the completion of the campus-wide email migration exercise from GroupWise to Staff Email Service, the University will adopt Staff Email Service as the official communication channel for staff to replace GroupWise with effect from 1 July 2013. Check out the actions that you need to take and some transitional arrangements.

Did You Know - Secure Disposal Service for Storage Media is Now Available...and It's Free!

To facilitate departmental users in disposing malfunctioned hard disks and backup tapes which contain sensitive data, a secure disposal service is now available to departments for FREE. The service will assist users in handling different storage media in a secure manner by degaussing the magnetic media. Learn about the types of media covered and the service arrangements.

New Online Archiving Service for Staff Email

To provide more convenient services for staff to retrieve their archived emails anytime anywhere, ITS has arranged with Microsoft to provide a new online archiving service at a charge. Online archiving is a cloud-based archiving solution for users to store and access their email messages in the cloud storage provided by Microsoft.


In This Issue

Launch of Mailing List Management System
Updates of PolyU Connect Service for Students
Disposing Your Mobile Phone - What about the Data?
A High Performance Computing (HPC) Prototype is Ready
Update on Academic Computing Services (ACS)
July Staff IT Training Programmes


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