May 2013


New Secure Disposal Service for Storage Media with Sensitive Data

Don’t know what to do with malfunctioned hard disks and backup tapes which contain sensitive data? We have the solution - To prevent disclosure of sensitive information on disposed storage media, the new Secure Disposal Service soon to be launched will help departmental users to permanently erase data by degaussing the magnetic media.

Web Accessibility Guideline to Facilitate Access to Online Information by People with Disabilities

The main concept of web accessibility is to provide a web environment for people with disabilities as well as the elderly to view, navigate and interact with information on the web. To facilitate web developers in creating websites that comply with the common web accessibility standards, a technical guideline for web accessibility development has been developed by ITS.

Upgrade of PolyU Connect Service to Microsoft Office 365

To provide users, mainly students and alumni, with a wider range of communication and collaboration tools, the PolyU Connect Service will be upgraded from Microsoft’s Live@edu to Microsoft Office 365 platform in end June. In addition to providing email and calendar services, Office 365 also provides web conferencing, Office Web Apps, online storage, etc. Check out the new features and the impact of the upgrade on existing PolyU Connect users.


In This Issue

Meeting with Departmental CLOs on Latest IT Services and Provisions

Renewal of Microsoft Software Licences for Staff Working on Campus and at Home

SPSS Software Licence Renewal for 2013/14

June Staff IT Training Programmes


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