January 2013


The exposure of student privacy from school websites as revealed in the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) compliance check report has drawn wide public concern. Check out the actions to be taken to prevent unintended disclosure of personal data via departmental websites / systems and the good practices of handling personal data.

Did You Know: Web Development / Consultancy Services Available

While all departments / offices would have their own websites for promoting departmental programmes, services and events, not all of them have in-house website development / maintenance expertise. The ITS Web Development Team offers consultancy / development services covering the full website development cycle from tender preparation to post-development support.

VMware Campus-wide License Renewal

Site-licensing arrangements for VMware software have been introduced 3 years ago to facilitate the deployment of virtualization technology on campus.  The current licenses allocated to departments are due for renewal and the new licensing scheme will be charged on an annual basis based on the number of physical CPUs.


In This Issue

Update on Academic Computing Services

Discontinuation of Maintenance Option for Selected Adobe Software Licences

SCC Lunar New Year Opening Hours


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