December 2012


The end of the world hasn’t come - let’s go travel and celebrate! While it’s so common to travel with our mobile devices nowadays, staying connected on the road could be complicated, costly and insecure. Here we have some useful travel tips to make things easier for you.

Apple iOS vs Android: Which One Will You Buy?

Recently, Samsung S2, S3 mobiles, Galaxy Note and Note II were found to be attacked by using free-version popular games to turn these Android phones into spam-sending drones. When selecting your smart phone, do you know if Apple iOS or Android is a better choice in terms of security?  Find out the answer in this issue of ‘Get Connected’.

Sharing of Email Address Book with CPCE

Colleagues of PolyU and those of CPCE (College of Professional and Continuing Education) are using 2 separate email systems. To facilitate better communication among colleagues, arrangements have been made for the sharing of email address books between the 2 systems.


In This Issue

New Academic Computing Services on the Way

7 x 24 Service at SCC till 6 January

January Staff IT Training Programmes


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