October 2012


Dropbox is a cloud-based file hosting service which synchronizes users’ files stored on different computers / mobile devices to support mobility. As a Dropbox folder can be shared, it is commonly-used for the sharing of documents, photos, videos, etc. BUT IS IT SAFE? Learn about the potential risks of using Dropbox and the Dos and Don’ts to observe.

Update on Staff Email Migration and FAQs on Staff Email Service

The campus-wide staff email migration exercise from GroupWise to the new Staff Email Service is now in full swing and is targeted for completion by the 1st quarter of 2013. Check out the progress of the exercise and some FAQs on the Staff Email Service.

EVP Congratulates Administrative Offices on a Successful Business Continuity Test

Thanks to the support of various administrative offices, the University’s annual Business Continuity Drill, held over the past two public holidays, has been completed successfully. The drill involves the deliberate closure of the University’s primary and secondary Data Centres to prove that the mission-critical services can ‘fail over’ to the other environment and continue to operate effectively.


In This Issue

Amendment of Personal Data Privacy Ordinance - How Will it Affect IT Outsourcing Service Engagement?

University’s e-Authentication Security Framework

Launch of New SMTP Gateway

More FAQs on New Staff Email Service

Our Two-way Communication Channel with Departments - CLO Meeting on 1 November

Over 11,000 Notebooks / Tablets Sold in Annual Notebook Ownership Programme

Special Educational Discount for Adobe CS6 Software Licences

November Staff IT Training Programmes


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