February 2012


PolyU Connect - Activate Your Account Now and New E-mail Display Name for Student
Update on Consultation on Establishment of a University Information Security Management Framework
Update on New Staff E-mail System to be Launched in May 2012
ACTION NOW to Setup Your Answers for the NetPassword Reset Questions
Survey on Student Use of Information Technology - We Need Your Participation!
Educational Discount Programme for Adobe Software Licenses
Setting up Shorter URLs for PolyU Websites
Security Review of Central Internet Web Hosting Platform
CLO Meeting in April
Last Reminder - Resolve Any Unclassified Software Items in Your SAM Record
March Staff IT Training Programmes

PolyU Connect - Activate Your Account Now and New E-mail Display Name for Student

Following the adoption of PolyU Connect as the University’s official communication channel with students in November 2011 and the termination of the auto-forwarding mechanism in the Campus E-mail System in December 2011, PolyU Connect is now the only e-mail channel used by the University to communicate with students.


Activate Your Account NOW

It is found that, however, a limited number of students have not yet started using PolyU Connect.  We urge these students to activate and use their PolyU Connect account AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to avoid missing important messages sent from the University.

Assistance from academic staff is also solicited to help conveying this important message to your students during class or via other communication channels.


E-mail Display Name for Students

Currently, the PolyU Connect e-mail address for student is using <student’s e-mail alias>@connect.polyu.hk (e.g. peter.chan@connect.polyu.hk) without displaying the student number in the sender’s address.

With comments received that it is not easy for e-mail receivers to identify the sender (i.e. student number), and after discussions / consultations with different stakeholders, arrangements are being made to have the student number (current student only) included in the sender's e-mail display name.

The e-mail display name (together with the e-mail address) is as follows:

e.g. Peter Chan [11234567x] <peter.chan@connect.polyu.hk>

We are working on the best way to implement the new e-mail display name as soon as possible and by April. In the meantime, students please include your student number in the subject heading and to provide your identity including full name, student number and program code, etc., in your e-mail communication with the University to identify yourself.


Permanent Removal of Campus E-mail Accounts

With students now using the new PolyU Connect service, it is planned that all students’ Campus E-mail accounts will be permanently removed by the end of June 2012. Students are therefore reminded to back up or download, as necessary, the old messages in their Campus E-mail account before this date.



Update on Consultation on Establishment of a University Information Security Management Framework

By the time you receive this issue of ‘Get Connected’, the consultation on the establishment of a University Information Security Management Framework have come to a close.

During this three-week consultation period, we have received valuable responses from the University community and these inputs are most helpful to us to further pave the Management Framework.

After considering the comments received, we will refine the proposal and submit it to the University’s Information Services Steering Committee for decision and referral to the President Executive Committee for approval.

Please keep abreast of the progress of the Establishment of the Information Security Management Framework at our Theme Page.



Update on New Staff E-mail System to be Launched in May 2012


The new staff e-mail system, MS Office 365, is targeted to be launched in May 2012.

Here are the recent updates of the project:


The set up of the PolyU-wide Active Directory service, which is necessary to provide account provisioning and management services for Office 365, is now in the final stage. It is targeted for completion by the end of March, to be followed by data roll-in.


The new staff e-mail service will be launched in May with arrangements as follows:
  • Office 365 will take up “@polyu.edu.hk” currently used by the Campus E-mail System as the e-mail domain.
  • Following the launch, all e-mails sent to the Campus E-mail system will be routed to the corresponding Office 365 account of the same user. Meanwhile, users can still access their Campus E-mail accounts to retrieve old messages received before the launch of Office 365. More details on the arrangements will be available in our next issue.
  • All e-mails sent to Novell GroupWise will continue to be delivered to users’ GroupWise mailboxes.

To cope with the launching of the new service, the following communication and training activities are planned:
  • Updated information of the project, including the detailed launching and migration arrangements, will be communicated in the coming issues of ’Get Connected’ and also via e-mail.
  • A dedicated web site for the new staff e-mail service will be launched in April.
  • Service launching seminars will be arranged in April.
  • Hands-on training sessions on using MS Outlook will be arranged.


The migration of GroupWise Online messages to Office 365 will be carried out starting from May/June and is targeted for completion by Q1 2013.
  • Migration will start with departments using only the GW messaging service. Departments using GW DMS (Document Management System) will start migration in fall 2012.
  • On-site migration engineers will help users to:
    • Convert the latest 12 months’ cached/archived messages data as .pst file for MS Outlook use
    • Install the self-service migration tool for users to convert the remaining cached/archived messages
    • Set up the MS Outlook profile for accessing the Office 365 mailbox
  • After the migration, all messages sent to GroupWise will be automatically routed to Office 365.
  • User training sessions will be arranged for individual departments two weeks prior to their scheduled migration date.

It is planned that the Campus E-mail service will be terminated with all mailboxes removed in end August 2012. 


Wish to know more about the roll-out of the new staff e-mail system and its impact?  Departments are welcome to contact Mr Ernest Yu of ITS (Ext. 7940, e-mail: ernest.yu@polyu.edu.hk) to arrange a meeting for further discussion.



ACTION NOW to Setup Your Answers for the NetPassword Reset Questions


The NetPassword is your key for access to the central IT facilities and services provided by the University. If you have forgotten your NetPassword, you can reset it directly online via the PUsecure Identity Portal (IdPortal) after entering your answers to a set of NetPassword Reset Questions (named as ‘Password Challenge Response’ in IdPortal).

However, you MUST have already set up your answers for the NetPassword Reset Questions.

ACTION NOW to setup your answers! OTHERWISE, you have to visit our Help Centre in person to reset your NetPassword in future. This will be very inconvenient and you will face the risk of missing critical deadlines (e.g. submitting assignments or performing subject registration).

Follow the simple steps below to set up your Password Challenge Response IF YOU HAVE NOT YET DONE SO:

1. Login to IdPortal (https://idportal.polyu.edu.hk) with your NetID & NetPassword.

2. The system will prompt you to enter the answers (responses) to a set of challenge questions.

3. ENTER your answers (responses) and then CLICK the ‘Submit’ button.



Survey on Student Use of Information Technology - We Need Your Participation!


To better understand students’ use of information technology in their study, PolyU will be participating in the 2012 ECAR (EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research) National Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology.

Conducted by the EDUCAUSE Centre for Applied Research, the major objectives of the survey are:


  • To create a profile of undergraduate students’ ownership and use of technology for academics
  • To identify the ways in which undergraduates report that technology helps them to achieve their academic outcomes
  • To assess students’ perceptions of how well institutions and instructors use technology to enhance the academic experience
  • To identify longitudinal technology trends in higher education
  • To provide higher education institutions with actionable recommendations about how to meet or exceed students’ preferences and expectations for technology in academics

All undergraduate students are invited to participate in the survey, to tell us how you use IT in your study and your perspectives about the impact of IT on your learning experience.

Spend about 15 minutes to complete the web-based survey during 1 March – 3 April 2012 at the URL: http://survey.educause.edu/ecar/student. You will have a chance to win either a US$50 or US$100 gift certificate to Amazon.com awarded by EDUCAUSE!

Your participation in the study is voluntary, and your responses will be completely confidential. The results of this survey will help the University to further enhance your learning experience at PolyU.



Educational Discount Programme for Adobe Software Licenses

The renewal arrangement for the Adobe Open Options Cumulative Licensing Programme (CLP) for the next 2-year period has been finalised. The new agreement, effective up to 31 January 2014, is managed through Jardine OneSolution (HK) Limited. Through the new CLP, departments can continue to enjoy educational discount on a list of common Adobe software licences. The major features of the CLP are highlighted below.



Stand-alone and Concurrent Licences

Same as in the previous agreement, the new CLP will continue to offer the concurrent licence option in addition to the stand-alone licences. However, please note that concurrent licences can only be used at computer laboratories for training / teaching purposes.

Maintenance Option

Departments can keep their Adobe licences up-to-date during the programme period by acquiring the maintenance option under CLP. Please note that the maintenance option must be acquired at the same time with the software licence.

Media and Documentation

Media for the Adobe software licenses are available for downloading through electronic software delivery. Please contact the ITS General Office at Ext. 2413 for details. Media and documentation sets are also available for purchase separately under CLP.

Renewal of Maintenance Option

For departments who have acquired maintenance options for their Adobe licences during the previous 2-year programme period, please note that the maintenance coverage has already expired.

Departments are therefore reminded to review their Adobe licences and to proceed with the maintenance renewal arrangements as soon as possible should they wish to continue the maintenance protection in the coming 2 years. Please also be reminded that according to the licensing agreement, the maintenance option can only be acquired for current version products.

Price Lists and Ordering Procedures

Please click here for the Adobe CLP licence price list and here for the media and documentation price list.

For purchase of Adobe software licence and maintenance option, please raise PR to FO for placing order with Jardine OneSolution (HK) Limited. For easy reference, please quote the Blanket Purchase Agreement No. 4103029 in the PR.




Setting up Shorter URLs for PolyU Websites


To make it easier for external users, who may not know the registered Domain Name System (DNS) record of the University, to access the PolyU websites, we have set up our network system to redirect web accesses to URLs starting with ‘http://www.polyu.hk’ to the corresponding PolyU web pages with URLs starting with ‘http://www.polyu.edu.hk’.



This means that Internet users can browse these web pages without entering the ‘.edu’ in the web browser URL.

For example, you can just enter http://www.polyu.hk/study to access the ‘Study@PolyU’ website at http://www.polyu.edu.hk/study

To know more about this kind of set up for your department/office, please contact Mr Tse Kin-Wai at Ext. 5907.



Security Review of Central Internet Web Hosting Platform


Apart from the University website, most departments / units / centres have developed their own websites. All these websites are hosted on a Central Internet Web Hosting Server managed by ITS. Currently, the Central Internet Web Hosting Server is hosting 105 websites. 

With the aim to strengthening the security protection of the web infrastructure and also the websites hosted on the platform, a security review on the Central Internet Web Hosting Platform has recently been conducted.  

These are what have been done:

  • Conduct vulnerability assessment on the web infrastructure platform and the websites hosted to identify the potential security vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to system / website owners to mitigate the risk; and
  • Conduct control review on the daily operation of the shared web infrastructure platform to identify any inadequacies in the security measures in the operation and processes related to the web infrastructure and web publishing.

Click here to have a glance of the major findings of this review exercise.



CLO Meeting in April


The forthcoming CLO (Computer Liaison Officer) meeting is scheduled to be held in mid April. One of the major focuses of the meeting is the roll-out of the new staff e-mail system, Office 365. During the meeting, we will talk about the implementation schedule, migration plan, user training arrangements, etc. of the staff e-mail project. 

Other topics that will be discussed include:

  • Update on Private Cloud Infrastructure
  • Security Review of Central Internet Web Hosting Platform
  • Update on LMS Transition
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • etc.
Invitation to the meeting will be sent to departmental CLOs shortly. As the new staff e-mail project will involve all staff users, departmental CLOs and other technical support staff are strongly encouraged to attend the meeting to learn about the project and to tell us any concern you may have.



Last Reminder - Resolve Any Unclassified Software Items in Your SAM Record


Thanks to the support and cooperation of departmental SAM (Software Asset Management) Managers and staff users, the SAM exercise commenced in November 2011 has been running smoothly.

Over 10,900 university PCs / notebooks have been scanned and a substantial number of departments have already resolved the unclassified software items identified on their departmental computers.

As the SAM exercise has come to the final phase, please resolve any remaining unclassified software items found on the departmental PCs / notebooks AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

SAM Managers please also review and re-classify the latest results to ensure that all computers within the department are scanned and sufficient software licences are acquired.



March Staff IT Training Programmes


Training Workshops

You may view the full list of workshops offered in March and make online enrolment via the Staff IT Training Workshop Enrolment System. You will be notified instantly of the enrolment results.

Online Courses

  March Online Courses


Access 2007: Level 1, 2, 3 & 4

  Access 2007: New Features
  Acrobat 9.0 Pro: Level 1 & 2
E Excel 2007: Level 1, 2, 3 & 4
  Excel 2007: New Features
  Excel 2007: VBA
G GroupWise 7.0 Level 1-1: Using GroupWise E-mail
  GroupWise 7.0 Level 1-2: Organizing E-mails and Address Book in GroupWise
  GroupWise 7.0 Level 1-3: Using GroupWise Calendar and Resources
  GroupWise 7.0 Level 2-1: Exploring Advanced Mail and Message Features
  GroupWise 7.0 Level 2-2: Exploring WebAccess, Rules and Access Rights
P PowerPoint 2007: Level 1 & 2
  PowerPoint 2007: New Features
  Project 2007: Level 1 & 2
  Publisher 2007
S Security Awareness (Part 1): Protecting Information and Countering Social Engineering
  Security Awareness (Part 2) : Maintaining Computer and File Security
  Security Awareness (Part 3): Promoting E-mail Security and Proper Responses to Security Incidents
  SharePoint Designer 2007: Level 1 & 2
V What's New in Visio 2007
W Windows Vista : New Features
  Word 2007: Level 1, 2 & 3
  Word 2007: New Features


Please click here for the detailed description of each course. To enrol, please complete and return the web-based proforma reply and you will be informed of the enrolment results in early December via e-mail.

Enquiries: 4566