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December 2010


IP Address Assignment for WiFi Service
New Telephone Directory System
Update on SAM Exercise
SCC Remains Open during Christmas and New Year Holidays
January Staff IT Training Programmes

Highlights of ITS Survey Results and Announcement of Lucky Draw Winners


As an annual exercise to collect users' feedback, a survey on the effectiveness of ITS services was conducted among all staff and students in November. To encourage response to the surveys, iPad and iPhone were available to the respondents as lucky draw prizes.



Survey Results

The response rates of the survey was very encouraging, with over 1,100 colleagues and more than 3,600 students completed the electronic questionnaire. Some of the major findings and observations of the survey are highlighted as below:

Many of the views and suggestions from users are in line with ITS' own review and plans for new initiatives and service enhancements and improvements. Major facility and service enhancements have been implemented / planned as appropriate to further improve the quality of our services and to better meet the changing IT needs of the University and its users.


Lucky Draw Winners

Winner of iPad Winners of iPhone
  • Curtis Ng, ME (Staff)
  • Kwan Kai Chun , AF (Student)
  • Cheung Yan Yu, FB (Student)

Congratulations! All lucky winners will be separately notified for the prize collection arrangements.


Mr Gerrit Bahlman, DoIT, drawing the lucky winners.

Lastly, a big thank you to all colleagues and students who had responded to the surveys. ITS will continue to put in our best efforts and be your TRUSTED partner in providing high quality IT services.




Migration of the University Portal Platform


The University Portal (myPolyU) has been successfully migrated to the new platform on 12 December 2010. Among other enhancements, you may have noticed some changes in end user experience when accessing the various functions and facilities in the new platform. Below are some changes that you should be aware of:


Changes for End Users

1. Change of the Portal URL

  • The URL of the Portal login page has been changed from https://my.polyu.edu.hk to https://portal.polyu.edu.hk.

  • URL redirection has been arranged for a period of 3 months until 14 March 2011.  All hits to the old URL will be redirected to the new URL after displaying a notice page regarding the redirection arrangement and advice on making corresponding changes.

  • Please update the corresponding bookmarks, hyperlinks and URLs in your responsible websites and documents, if any, before 14 March 2011.


2. Change of URLs for contents hosted in the Portal Departmental Web Folders

  • As the hosting platform of the Portal Departmental Web Folders has changed, the URLs of the hosted folders and documents have also been changed.
  • Colleagues responsible for the Portal Departmental Web Folders please update the corresponding bookmarks, hyperlinks and URLs in your websites and documents as soon as possible if you have not yet done so, since they are not working now. Please refer to the 'Portal Departmental Web Folder Operation Manual and Administration Guide for information on how to identify the URLs of documents hosted in the Portal Departmental Web Folders.  


3. Personal Data Security

  • The new University Portal is PUsecure-SSO-enabled. In other words, user authentication, login and logout of myPolyU are handled by PUsecure-SSO, i.e. the PolyU IAM (Identity and Access Management) infrastructure and the Single Sign-on service.  Please refer to the 'PUsecure-SSO User Guide’ for more information.
  • For personal security and privacy, always remember to LOGOUT myPolyU, PUsecure-SSO and other opened APPLICATIONS after use, and CLOSE ALL WEB BROWSER WINDOWS BEFORE LEAVING YOUR PC (especially for shared or public PCs). Otherwise, other users would be able to access the PUsecure-SSO applications /systems on the same computer using your identity. Please click here for more information.


Quick Tips for Students to Work with myPolyU

As the University Portal is the one-stop gateway for personalized access to all essential University information and electronic services, all users, in particular students, are strongly encouraged to login myPolyU at least once a day to check for University events, news and announcements, e-mails, etc.

A. Connecting to myPolyU 


REBOOT the PC if you are using shared or public PC.

2. OPEN web browser in your PC (e.g. IE 7).
3. VISIT the PolyU Homepage at http://www.polyu.edu.hk.


CLICK the ‘myPolyU’ button at the top right hand corner. A new window displaying the myPolyU Login Page (https://portal.polyu.edu.hk) will pop up.
5. CLICK the 'Login' button and the PUsecure-SSO Login Page will be displayed in the same window.
6. ENTER your NetID and NetPassword and CLICK the ‘Login’ button to login to PUsecure-SSO, which will then perform SSO to myPolyU after successful completion of user authentication.
7. A new window displaying the Logout PUsecure-SSOPage will pop up.  DO NOT CLOSE this window and leave it open in the background.
8. The myPolyU Welcome Page will then be displayed in the original window.


B. Checking University Events


At the Events portlet in the myPolyU Welcome Page, CLICK the link of the event you are interested in to view its details.

2. CLICK 'Event Calendar or 'More Event to view more events.


C. Checking News and Announcements

1. CLICK News in the myPolyU Main Menu.  The available news channels will be listed in the myPolyU Tab Menu.
2. CLICK the label of your targeted news channel to display the list of news.
3. CLICK the subject title of the news article you want to read to display its content.


D. Checking E-mails

1. In WebMail Inbox

CLICK WebMail in the Quick Links portlet of myPolyU Welcome Page.  The Portal will perform auto-logon to your WebMail account and display the latest e-mails in your WebMail Inbox.

  b. CLICK 'Logoutin the WebMail Sidebar to logout WebMail after use.
2. In Quarantine Folder for suspected spams (Do this at least once every 3 days)

CLICK 'WebMail Quarantine Hub in the 'Quick Linksportlet of the myPolyU Welcome Page.  A new window displaying the Quarantine Hub Login Page will pop up.


ENTER your NetID and NetPassword and CLICK the ‘Login’ button to login to the WebMail Quarantine Hub. Your quarantined messages (suspected spams) will be displayed.


MANAGE your quarantined messages according to the 'Guidelines on managing spams with WebMail Quarantine Hub’.

  d. CLICK 'Logout' in the WebMail Quarantine Hub Sidebar to logout after use.


E. Disconnecting from myPolyU and leaving your PC


CLICK 'Logout in the myPolyU Main Menu Zone to logout myPolyU after use.  The myPolyU Logout Page will then be displayed in the same window.


CLICK the 'Logout-SSO’ button in the myPolyU Logout Page or 'Logout PUsecure-SSOPage to logout PUsecure-SSO.


LOGOUT all other opened applications in your PC.


CLOSE all web browser windows in your PC.


REBOOT the PC before you leave if you are using shared or public PC.

If you have any enquiries on or need assistance in using the University Portal, please call our Help Centre hotline at 2766 5900.



IP Address Assignment for WiFi Service

Since early November 2010, ITS has changed the IP addresses for WiFi users from 158.132.X.X to new addresses ranging from to

The main reason for the change is to provide sufficient IP addresses in support of the fast growing number of both wired and WiFi users at the University. In connection with the adoption of the new IP address range, the 158.132.X.X address range is now reserved for wired users for better management.  

Please be assured that the change of IP addresses would not affect your use of the WiFi service. In case you need any further information or discussions, please feel free to contact Mr SK Hau of ITS at 2766 5915.



New Telephone Directory System


The new Telephone Directory System, developed by ITS for HRO, has been launched in October. Since then, valuable feedback and suggestions have been received from users on further enhancing the application.

Based on the user feedback, the System has been enriched with the following capabilities:

  • Enable more powerful search by partial name or combination of partial surname and given name

  • Support different types of browsers including IE, Firefox and Safari

  • Support Mac notebook and mobile devices such as iPhone, iTouch, etc.



Update on SAM Exercise


With the full support and cooperation of departmental SAM (Software Asset Management) Managers and staff users, the SAM exercise which is expected for completion by the end of December has been running smoothly.

Over 9,800 university PCs / notebooks have been scanned and a number of departments have already resolved all the unclassified software items identified on their departmental computers.

As the SAM exercise has come to the final phase, please resolve any remaining unclassified software items found on the departmental PCs / notebooks as soon as possible. SAM Managers please also review and re-classify the latest results to ensure that all computers within the department are scanned and sufficient software licences are acquired.


SCC Remains Open during Christmas and New Year Holidays


With the end of the examination period, the opening hours of our Student Computer Centre (SCC) have resumed normal starting 23 December 2010. Normal service will continue to be provided at the SCC during the Christmas and New Year holidays as below:

          • Christmas and New Year Eve: 8:30 am – 11:30 pm

          • Christmas and New Year Day: 9:00 am – 11:30 pm



January Staff IT Training Programmes


Training Workshops

You may view the full list of workshops offered in January and make online enrolment via the Staff IT Training Workshop Enrolment System. You will be notified instantly of the enrolment results.


Online Courses

  January Online Courses


Access 2007: Level 1, 2, 3 & 4

  Access 2007: New Features


Acrobat 9.0 Pro: Level 1 & 2


Excel 2007: Level 1, 2, 3 & 4


Excel 2007: New Features

  Excel 2007: VBA


GroupWise 7.0 Level 1-1: Using GroupWise E-mail


GroupWise 7.0 Level 1-2: Organizing E-mails and Address Book in GroupWise

  GroupWise 7.0 Level 1-3: Using GroupWise Calendar and Resources
  GroupWise 7.0 Level 2-1: Exploring Advanced Mail and Message Features


GroupWise 7.0 Level 2-2: Exploring WebAccess, Rules and Access Rights


PowerPoint 2007: Level 1 & 2


PowerPoint 2007: New Features


Project 2007: Level 1 & 2


Publisher 2007


Security Awareness (Part 1): Protecting Information and Countering Social Engineering


Security Awareness (Part 2) : Maintaining Computer and File Security


Security Awareness (Part 3): Promoting E-mail Security and Proper Responses to Security Incidents


SharePoint Designer 2007: Level 1 & 2


What's New in Visio 2007


Windows Vista : New Features


Word 2007: Level 1, 2 & 3


Word 2007: New Features


Please click here for the detailed description of each course. To enrol, please complete and return the web-based proforma reply and you will be informed of the enrolment results in early January via e-mail.

Enquiries: 4566