June 2010


CLO Meeting - Updating Departments with Latest IT Services and Provisions
Reminder to Graduates – Back up Your Important Data
New SSID for Y5Zone Hotspots Starting 1 July
Suspension of GroupWise E-mail Purging Exercise during the Summer Period
July Staff IT Training Programmes

Good Practices for General Users to Prevent Data Leakage


As part of the Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC) Information Security Project, IT security newsletter providing practical guidelines and advices will be made available to institutions, for dissemination of the relevant information in the context of the respective institutions. 
We would like to draw our users’ special attention to some good practices for managing information and data:  

Turn off unused wireless network – Disable the Wireless Network Interface Card when connection to the wireless network is not required. This will prevent attacks that are performed through the Wireless Network Interface Card.  

Encrypt your files – Encryption mechanism such as WinZip AES encryption and Truecrypt disk encryption with strong key authentication should be used when files are being transferred in removable media. Encrypted USB storage device may be used for additional level of protection.

Avoid sending sensitive data over Internet e-mail – Sending sensitive information over an Internet e-mail may result in a copy of your data being stored or archived by a third-party server.   

Store your data on a secure network drive – Store your data on the server instead of the hard drive of your own laptop to prevent data leakage should you lose the laptop. You can use the University’s 'myStore' service for personal file storage over the Internet. 

Virus scan files from external source – Scan the files you have downloaded from the Internet before opening or saving them. Virus scanning is a critical step for data leakage prevention.

Ensure physical security of your computer – Loss or theft of a computer, USB storage device or even printer, is a common cause of data loss.

Do not leave printed documents unattended – Remember to collect all the printed documents from the network printer and ensure all print jobs are completed when you leave.



Annual Notebook Ownership Programme


Each year, ITS will, in partnership with the Students' Union, invite vendors to make special offers on notebook PCs to our students, staff, and alumni. The Notebook Ownership Programme has long been well-received by the PolyU community and over 18,000 notebooks / netbooks were sold during the 2009 exercise. 

Same as before, this year's notebook programme will commence in August. After thorough evaluation and comparison on the configuration, functionality, discount level, etc. of various brands, fujitsu notebooks have been selected for this year's programme.

Details of the programme, including the model and price information, road show and purchase period, etc. will be announced as soon as they are finalized.

Watch out for the latest updates in our next issue!




Renewal of MS Campus Agreement - Licensed Software for Staff Working on Campus and at Home


The annual renewal arrangement of the Microsoft Campus Agreement, a centrally funded site-licensing programme which provides PolyU departments and colleagues with ready access to a list of commonly-used MS software, has been finalised.

Same as in the previous year, the new agreement covers a one-year period up to 31 May 2011 and is administered through Microware Limited. Staff members can enjoy free use of a bundle of popular MS software on university-owned PCs for work-related purposes. Departments are also licensed to install the Campus Agreement software on computers in their open-access laboratories on campus for student use.

Software Coverage

The software products covered under this year's Agreement are essentially the same as those of last year:  

  • MS Windows Operating System (OS) Upgrade
  • MS Office or Office for Mac (including MS Publisher)
  • MS Core Client Access Licence (CAL)
  • MS Project Professional
  • MS SQL Client Access Licence (CAL)
  • MS Visual Studio Professional 

Special Usage Rights

Work at Home Right

This year’s agreement continues to include the ‘Work at Home Right’ provision which entitles colleagues to run one copy of the Campus Agreement software on a home PC for work-related purposes only. Staff are required to sign a 'Work at Home Acceptance Form' if they would like to install and use the software at home.

Foreign Language Right

The agreement grants the ‘Foreign Language Right’ under which colleagues can run the software products covered in any available languages.

Upgrade / Downgrade Right

Colleagues are granted the right to run any new versions of the software products included in the Agreement that are released during the Agreement period. Alternatively, they are also entitled to use any previous versions of the product provided that only one version / copy of the software is installed at one time.

Media for Installation

Colleagues may contact the ITS General Office at Ext. 2413 for borrowing / copying arrangements of the software media covered by the Campus Agreement.




CLO Meeting - Updating Departments with Latest IT Services and Provisions


Departmental Computer Liaison Officers (CLOs) are the close working partners of ITS and regular meetings are held to update them with our latest IT services and provisions.

Over 80 CLOs and departmental representatives attended the meeting held on 14 June 2010 during which ITS introduced and reported new IT developments in the following areas:

  • Deployment of New Anti-virus Solution NOD 32 
  • Update on WiFi Services
  • PolyU E-mail Address
  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)   
  • Joint Universities IT Security Project - Risk Assessment Results
  • Pilot of MS Exchange 
  • Academic Unix Service and its Future
  • ITS SLA Service
  • Windows 7 Upgrade Path

During the meeting, the departmental CLOs/representatives also provided us with very useful suggestions and feedback on our facilities and services, all of which are valuable input to ITS in planning and implementing quality IT services for our users.

A special thanks to all departmental CLOs who have always been supportive to the University’s IT initiatives and have played a key role in their successful implementation.



Reminder to Graduates – Back up Your Important Data


The University will continue to provide graduates with access to the central IT facilities and services for 62 days (two months) after confirmation of their eligibility for graduation.

If you are graduating this summer, you will be individually notified via e-mail of the expiry date of your NetID and the associated central IT facilities and services available to you.

Don’t forget to backup your necessary data on all systems including Campus E-mail and WebMail, University Portal, myWeb and myStore, WebCT, etc. before the service expiry date. All the data will be deleted after the expiry date and will no longer be recoverable.

Please also be reminded that the Alumni Affairs and Development Office (AADO) offers a PolyU Alumni Free Email Forwarding Service to all graduates. Simply activate the service to keep in touch with PolyU. Click here for the account activation.  

If you have any enquiries regarding the expiry date of the central IT facilities and services and the backup of data, please contact the ITS Help Centre at 2766 5900.



New SSID for Y5Zone Hotspots Starting 1 July


While off-campus, PolyU users can enjoy free WiFi services at thousands of PCCW and Y5Zone hotspots around Hong Kong including shopping malls, restaurants, fast food chains, coffee shops, convenience stores, MTR stations, telephone kiosks, etc. 

Just to remind you that the SSID for wireless connection at the Y5Zone hotspots will be changed from ‘PolyUWLAN’ to ‘Universities via Y5Zone’, starting from 1 July 2010.

Re-configure your devices by following the procedures here to continue accessing the Y5Zone service. 


Suspension of GroupWise E-mail Purging Exercise during the Summer Period


During the summer, many colleagues may take prolonged leave and be out of town. As a special arrangement to provide more convenient services to colleagues who may have difficulties in caching their messages while on leave, the GroupWise E-mail Purging Exercise will be suspended until end August 2010.

The next GroupWise E-mail Purging Exercise will be conducted in September 2010 and the detailed arrangements will be announced via e-mail in due course.



Deployment of NOD32 on University PCs


As conveyed in our last issue, NOD32 will replace McAfee, the existing campus-wise anti-virus program which will soon expire in August, to be deployed on all campus PCs for the coming 3 years. Users will be asked to remove McAfee and install NOD 32 before the end of August.

To help users to migrate to the new anti-virus program, a utility has been developed for our users to remove McAfee and install NOD32 with customized configuration. The process will take less than 10 minutes and one reboot.  The utility is now under final testing within ITS and will soon be released to departments in mid July.



IT Support for the PolyU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Global Student Challenge


Congratulations to the great success of the PolyU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Global Student Challenge held on campus in early June! ITS is proud to be part of the event by providing our professional IT support, to help attendants from all over the world to perform their best without worrying about any technical issues. 

From the very early stage of the event, ITS had been working closely with IAO, the event organizer, for the IT arrangement and support required for the event.  IT equipment including notebooks and printers had been arranged internally to save rental cost. The notebooks were customized and run against all the presentation materials to ensure that the necessary software and plug-ins were installed. 

Our technical support colleagues were also involved in planning the setup of the event venue to provide the best IT environment. On-site support was also provided on the event days to ensure that everything would go smoothly.

All the hard work paid off and ITS is proud to contribute to the success of this important University event!



July Staff IT Training Programmes


You may view the full list of workshops offered in July and make online enrolment via the Staff IT Training Workshop Enrolment System. You will be notified instantly of the enrolment results.