January 2010


Update on SAM Exercise
SCC Service Hours During Lunar New Year - We are Opened!


Tips to Avoid Getting 'Hooked' by E-mail Phishing Scam / E-mail Fraud


Have you received similar e-mails?

'Please click on below link to update your Email account.'

'A scheduled maintenance has just been completed on our e-mail system. In order to keep this account active and protected, you will be required to immediately re-login. Kindly click on the "Login to My Account" link stated below.'

'We have noticed an unauthorized attempt to change your polyu.edu.hk password from a foreign IP. This was going to result to your inability to access your account due to the password change. If you know you are the authorized owner of this account, kindly reply by providing your original username and password so as to protect your ID and password from unauthorized access.'

These are typical phishing e-mails which attempt to trick you into rendering your personal information such as e-mail or bank account password, credit card number, etc. by masquerading as a legitimate organization. Many of these messages will ask you to 'update’ or 'confirm’ your account information by clicking a hyper text link provided.

If you follow the instruction and click on the hyper text link, you will be directed to a forged site where the personal information you provide will be captured by an unknown third party.   

Yes, you are at risk! But rather than panic, follow some simple safety tips to avoid getting ‘hooked’ by e-mail phishing scam:

NEVER reply to e-mails asking for personal informationLegitimate organizations won’t ask for personal information via e-mail. If you are worry about your account, check it out with the organization directly.
Don’t click on links within e-mailsThese links may take you to rogue websites that capture your personal information. If you really want to check on the website, it’s always safer to type the URL yourself. Yet, be very cautious before providing your personal information as the look and feel of a fake website may look almost identical to the legitimate one.
Don't simply trust the ‘sender’ and the e-mail headerBoth the name of the sender and the e-mail header can be easily forged. If in doubt, verify the legitimacy of the e-mail with the sender directly.
Enable the SPAM mail filter of your e-mail client – It can help to filter out suspected phishing messages.
Protect your computer with anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and a firewall, and keep them up-to-dateThese will help to protect your computer from viruses and programs that will track your online activities without your knowing.
Be cautious about opening e-mail attachmentsEven if the messages seem to be from someone you know, the attachments may contain viruses and other malicious programs that will harm your computer.
Pay attention to URLs - The URL of a malicious web site may look very similar to a legitimate site (e.g. www.polyu.edu.hk/...), but with some variations in spelling or using a different domain name (e.g. www.p01yu.edu.hk, www.polyu.com.hk/...). Most legitimate sites would use ‘https:’ instead of ‘http’ for sensitive data delivery / transmission.

If you suspect that you have been hooked by a phishing scam, report it to the concerned organization and reset your account password immediately.


Joint Universities Project to Strengthen Information Security


The Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC) has recently embarked on a series of information security initiatives to increase and improve information security awareness and standards at all UGC-funded institutions.

To coordinate the various initiatives, a JUCC Information Security Task Force has been set up with the Director of IT of PolyU, Mr Gerrit Bahlman, as the convener. KPMG has been appointed as the advisor to assist the Task Force in carrying out the information security initiatives.  

At the beginning of this project, an institute-wide information security risk assessment for each participating institution will be conducted and the results will be used for the planning of future information security initiatives. A number of PolyU departments / offices, which are key information security custodians of the University, have been invited to participate in the information security risk assessment exercise which is targeted for completion by the end of February. 

Forthcoming activities also include an information security awareness workshop in March (topics covered include information security in institutions, privacy and personal data, security incident management, etc.) and a joint-universities information security conference in May. Detailed information on the workshop and the conference will be announced in due course.

Please render your full support to this joint-universities information security project and participate actively in the various initiatives. The University's information security counts on YOU all!


Educational Discount for Adobe Software Licences


The renewal arrangement for the Adobe Open Options Contractual Licensing Programme (CLP) for the next 2-year period has been finalised. The new agreement, effective up to 31 January 2012, is managed through Jardine OneSolution (HK) Limited. Through the new CLP, departments can continue to enjoy educational discount on a list of common Adobe software licences. The major features of the CLP are highlighted below.

Stand-alone and Concurrent Licences

Same as in the previous agreement, the new CLP will continue to offer the concurrent licence option in addition to the stand-alone licences. However, please note that concurrent licences can only be used at computer laboratories for training / teaching purposes.

Maintenance Option

Departments can keep their Adobe licences up-to-date during the programme period by acquiring the maintenance option under CLP. Please note that the maintenance option must be acquired at the same time with the software licence.

Media and Documentation

The acquisition of licences through CLP will not include any media or documentation sets. Media and documentation are available for purchase separately under CLP. To facilitate more efficient and cost-effective acquisition of media, ITS will undertake to purchase the media of some commonly-used products. Departments may contact the ITS General Office for borrowing arrangements. 

Renewal of Maintenance Option

For departments who have currently acquired maintenance options for their Adobe licences, please note that the maintenance coverage would end together with the current CLP, i.e. 31 January 2010. Departments are therefore reminded to review their Adobe licences and to proceed with the maintenance renewal arrangements as soon as possible should they wish to continue the maintenance protection in the coming 2 years.  

Price Lists and Ordering Procedures

Please click here for the Adobe CLP licence price list and here for the media and documentation price list.  

For purchase of Adobe software licence and maintenance option, please raise PR to FO for placing order with Jardine OneSolution (HK) Limited. For easy reference, please quote the Blanket Purchase Agreement No. 2903128 in the PR.

For enquiries, please contact the ITS General Office at Ext. 5934.



Update on SAM Exercise


With the full support and cooperation of departmental SAM (Software Asset Management) Managers and staff users, and the enhanced web-based SAM system, the SAM exercise commenced in late October has been running smoothly. Over 11,000 university PCs / notebooks have been scanned and a substantial number of departments have already resolved all the unclassified software items identified on their departmental computers.

As the SAM exercise has come to the final phase, please resolve any remaining unclassified software items found on the departmental PCs / notebooks as soon as possible. SAM Managers please also review and re-classify the latest results to ensure that all computers within the department are scanned and sufficient software licences are acquired.



Windows 7 Media for Lab Installation Now Available


Many departments and staff users have been anxiously asking for the software media for Windows 7 since its official launch last October.  

Here are the list of Windows 7 media that are currently available at ITS:


  • Windows 7 Enterprise (English 32 bit), key server activation
  • Windows 7 Enterprise (English 64 bit), key server activation
  • Windows 7 Enterprise (Traditional Chinese 32 bit), key server activation
  • Windows 7 Enterprise (Traditional Chinese 64 bit), key server activation

The above media are customized to activate the usage license automatically within campus via the PolyU key servers. They can be used on departmental computer labs which may require regular re-installation of software, as well as on machines dedicated for testing and evaluation purposes. 

However, users please take note that the media are NOT suitable for installation on individual staff PCs or at home. The media for individual and home use will be available at a later time.

To borrow the software media, give us a call at Ext. 2413. 


February Staff IT Training Programmes


Training Workshops

You may view the full list of workshops offered in February and make online enrolment via the Staff IT Training Workshop Enrolment System. You will be notified instantly of the enrolment results.


Online Courses

  February Online Courses


Access 2007: Level 1 & 2

  Access 2007: New Features


Acrobat 9.0 Pro: Level 1 & 2


Excel 2007: Level 1, 2 & 3


Excel 2007: New Features

  Excel 2007: VBA


GroupWise 7.0 Level 1-1: Using GroupWise E-mail


GroupWise 7.0 Level 1-2: Organizing E-mails and Address Book in GroupWise

  GroupWise 7.0 Level 1-3: Using GroupWise Calendar and Resources
  GroupWise 7.0 Level 2-1: Exploring Advanced Mail and Message Features


GroupWise 7.0 Level 2-2: Exploring WebAccess, Rules and Access Rights


PowerPoint 2007: Level 1 & 2


PowerPoint 2007: New Features


Project 2007: Level 1 & 2


Publisher 2007


Security Awareness (Part 1): Accessing a Computer, a Network and the Internet in a Secure Manner


Security Awareness (Part 2) : Maintaining File and Email Security


Security Awareness (Part 3): Promoting Web Security and Proper Responses to Security Incidents


SharePoint Designer 2007: Level 1 & 2


Visio 2007 Professional: Level 1 & 2

  What's New in Visio 2007


Windows Vista : New Features


Word 2007: Level 1 & 2


Word 2007: New Features

Please click here for the detailed description of each course. To enrol, please complete and return the web-based proforma reply and you will be informed of the enrolment results in early February via e-mail.

Enquiries: 4566

SCC Service Hours During Lunar New Year - We are Opened!



The 3rd floor of the Student Computer Centre (SCC) at the Li Ka Shing Tower will remain in service during the forthcoming Lunar New Year holidays from 13 – 16 February 2009. Service hours are from 9:00 am to 11:30 pm.