September 2009


Connecting Your Mobile Phones to PolyU WiFi Service
Update on Departmental IT Security Questionnaire Survey

Meeting with Departmental CLOs on Latest ITS Development and Services   

Notebook Ownership Programme 2009 Achieved the Highest Number of Sales Ever
Information System Development in Good Progress to Support  the New 3-3-4 Academic Structure

Joint-Universities WiFi Collaboration Project – Free Wireless Access at over 2,400 Hotspots at Local Institutions

ITS is pleased to announce the launch of the 'Universities WiFi’ service, which is a joint-universities initiative on mutual wireless access coordinated by the Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC).

This is a UGC-funded project to enable local university staff and students to roam across all the eight institutions using their notebooks, netbooks or other mobile devices.

All PolyU staff and students can conveniently access to the new WiFi service using the SSID (Service Set Identifier) of 'Universities WiFi’ and their PolyU NetID and NetPassword for authentication. Please click here for the procedure of setting up your mobile devices for the ‘Universities WiFi’ service.

The list of hotspots current available at different institutions can be viewed here.  It is expected that by the end of 2009, a total of at least 2,400 WiFi access points with WPA2/AES encryption, which is considered to be more secure, would be deployed for ‘Universities WiFi’ at the eight institutions.

Staff and students are also reminded of the different SSID to be used for making wireless connection on and off campus:  



PolyU campus and Y5Zone hotspots PolyUWLAN
PCCW hotspots Universities via PCCW
'Eduroam’ member institutions outside Hong Kong eduroam

For enquiries or assistance, please contact the ITS Help Centre at 2766 5900.



Connecting Your Mobile Phones to PolyU WiFi Service


Nowadays, many mobile phone models support WiFi access to the Internet. At PolyU, WiFi access points have been installed throughout the campus to provide convenient Internet access for staff and students.

In addition, through the collaboration projects with local Internet Service Providers and sister institutions, PolyU staff and students can also enjoy free WiFi access at thousands of wireless hotspots around Hong Kong and at other local institutions using their PolyU NetID and NetPassword.

The ITS Help Centre has received many service requests from users for setting up their mobile devices for wireless connection to the campus network. For the latest mobile phone models, the set up procedures are rather simple and are almost automatic. For some older models, however, the set up procedures may vary even for the same model as different software versions might have been used.  

For the convenience of users, we have prepared some general guidelines for setting up iPhones, Nokia mobile phones and devices running on Windows Mobile for connection to the PolyU WiFi service.    

Please note that mobile phones running on Android OS (e.g. HTC’s Magic and Hero) do not support WPA (WiFi Protected Access) Enterprise authentication at this point. Users of these devices would have to wait until the upgrade of the OS to support WPA Enterprise authentication before they can access the PolyU WiFi service.

If you need any assistance, please call the ITS Help Centre at 2766 5900.  


Update on Internet Service


Due to the limited International bandwidth of HARNET (Hong Kong Academic and Research Network) and some obsolete equipment at PolyU, users may have experienced degraded Internet service during the last semester. 

To improve the Internet service, ITS has replaced a number of equipment during the summer. Jointly with other UGC-funded institutions, the International Internet bandwidth of HARNET has also been increased from 840Mbps to 1.2Gbps (increased by 43%) effective from 1 September 2009. 

The bandwidth problem resulting from the broken submarine cables has also been fixed in mid September. ITS has been closely monitoring the Internet service, and it is noted that the service has resumed normal to cope with the bandwidth demand in the new academic year.

We hope you enjoy your web surfing experience in your work, study and other activities, including the newly launched PolyU Virtual Campus initiative in Second Life. If you need any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Help Centre.


Update on Departmental IT Security Questionnaire Survey


To collect comprehensive information on the security practices of departments, and to help individual departments / offices in identifying the risk factors and potential security risks in their departmental IT facilities and systems, a University-wide IT security questionnaire survey has been launched by ITS in June 2009.

All of the 72 departments/offices to which the questionnaire has been sent to have completed and returned the document to provide information on their departmental IT systems and security practices.

Based on the information provided, a number of departments have initially been classified as potentially high risk departments. Follow-up interviews and risk assessment exercises are being conducted by the ITS Security Team for the high risk departments, to collect further information on their security practices and to verify the risk level. Initial advices have also been provided to the departments to strengthen the security protection of their IT systems.     

Based on the findings of the risk assessment exercises on the potentially high risk departments, recommendations would be made on the overall strategy, measures and resources provision to address departmental IT/IS security risks. Comprehensive guidelines/good practices would also be developed and disseminated to all departments for reference and implementation.



Reminder: Business Continuity Drill on 1 & 26 October 2009


As previously announced, the annual Business Continuity (BC) Drill for the Central Computer Systems will be conducted on 1 October (National Day) and 26 October (Chung Yeung Festival), during which we will simulate the failure of some or all of our systems in the Main and Secondary Computer Rooms.

While Internet access and the campus network will be maintained within campus and the Student Hostel during the exercise, please be reminded that all other computer systems will be shut down for 8 hours (07:00 - 15:00) in each part of the Drill. The affected time for different services with or without high availability (HA) protection have been detailed in our earlier announcement which can be viewed here.

For enquiries, please contact our Help Centre at 2766 5900.



Meeting with Departmental CLOs on Latest ITS Development and Services


User communication is an important element to the continuous enhancement of the ITS service quality to meet users’ changing needs. To introduce new IT offerings and for ITS to better understand the IT needs of departments, meetings with departmental Computer Liaison Officers (CLOs) are held regularly.


Over 80 CLOs and departmental representatives attended the CLO meeting held on 30 September 2009. The new Director of Information Technology, Mr Gerrit W Bahlman, welcomed all CLOs to the meeting and stressed the importance of their support and collaboration to the successful implementation of IT initiatives at the University.

Mr Gerrit W Bahlman, the new DoIT, meeting the departmental CLOs

During the meeting, ITS introduced and reported new IT developments in the following areas:

Update on Annual Notebook Ownership Programme
SUSE Linux to Replace Netware
Review of University Common e-Learning Platform
Support for Second Life in the Student Computer Centre
Joint Universities IT Security Project
Schedule of SAM Exercise 2009



October Staff IT Training Programmes


Training Workshops

You may view the full list of workshops offered in October and make online enrolment via the Staff IT Training Workshop Enrolment System. You will be notified instantly of the enrolment results.


Online Courses

  Online Courses


Access 2007: Level 1 &2

  Access 2007: New Features


Acrobat 8: New Features


Acrobat 9.0 Pro: Level 1 & 2


Excel 2007: Level 1 & 2


Excel 2007: New Features


GroupWise 7.0 Level 1-1: Using GroupWise E-mail


GroupWise 7.0 Level 1-2: Organizing E-mails and Address Book in GroupWise

  GroupWise 7.0 Level 1-3: Using GroupWise Calendar and Resources
  GroupWise 7.0 Level 2-1: Exploring Advanced Mail and Message Features


GroupWise 7.0 Level 2-2: Exploring WebAccess, Rules and Access Rights


PowerPoint 2007: Level 1 & 2


PowerPoint 2007: New Features


Project 2007: Level 1 & 2


Publisher 2007


Security Awareness (Part 1): Accessing a Computer, a Network and the Internet in a Secure Manner


Security Awareness (Part 2) : Maintaining File and Email Security


Security Awareness (Part 3): Promoting Web Security and Proper Responses to Security Incidents


SharePoint Designer 2007: Level 1 & 2


Visio 2007 Professional: Level 1 & 2

  What's New in Visio 2007


Windows Vista : New Features


Word 2007: Level 1 & 2


Word 2007: New Features


Please click here for the detailed description of each course. To enrol, please complete and return the web-based proforma reply and you will be informed of the enrolment results in early October via e-mail.

Enquiries: 4566

GroupWise 7 Series: Customizing the 'Home Folder'


In our last issue, we have introduced the new ‘Home Folder’ in GroupWise 7 which can provide a quick view of some important information in the different folders of your GroupWise account, such as appointments, checklist items, unread message items, etc.

In this issue, we will look at how you can customize the 'Home Folder' according to your personal preference.

The ‘Home Folder’ comprises of different 'panels' and to customize the layout of the Home Folder, you can:

Right click on the Home Folder icon and select Properties from the pop-up menu.

Click on the Display tab and select the Customize Panels button.

In the Customize Panels dialogue box, you can select One Column or Two Column for the layout of your Home Folder.

To modify the panels, you can:

Add / Delete a panel - select the desired panel from 'Available Panels', such as 'Calendar', 'Checklist’ or 'Unread Items' and then click Add to add it to either Column One or Column Two of your Home Folder. Similarly, you can select any unwanted panels from the columns and click Delete to remove them.

To create a new panel - click the New Panel button and in the 'Create Panel' dialogue box, select the folder / address book to be displayed, the display settings, etc.

For enquiries, please contact the ITS Help Centre at Ext. 5900.



Notebook Ownership Programme 2009 Achieved the Highest Number of Sales Ever


Following the end of the 2nd road show period, this year’s annual notebook ownership programme has come to a close in mid September. Over 18,800 Fujitsu notebooks / netbooks, which is the highest number ever, have been purchased by PolyU students, staff and alumni during the 2 road show periods

Here are the 3 most popular models:

  Model No. of Unit Sold

Netbook M2010

Fujitsu LifeBook A1120 UB


Fujitsu LifeBook A1120 UB


Fujitsu LifeBook A1120 UB

The 2nd delivery period will start on 12 October 2009. For enquiries, please call the sales hotline of Sunlite Computronics at 3576 3860 from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm on Monday – Friday.



Information System Development in Good Progress to Support  the New 3-3-4 Academic Structure


In preparation for the new 3-3-4 academic structure, ITS conducted a study in 2007 in consultation with various administrative departments/ offices on their Information Systems (IS) needs arising from the new structure. These departments/offices include AS, FO, HRO, SAO, RO, AADO and MISO, which are owners of various major student-related Information Systems.

Following wide consultation and consideration, and with the support of the departments/offices concerned as well as Executive Management, a custom-made approach was adopted to develop, enhance and upgrade the Information Systems supporting University administration and student support systems. The Student Record System, Student Account System and the Scholarship and Financial Assistance System are among the major phase one projects currently under development and being implemented for the 3-3-4 project.

The development / enhancement project has progressed well in stages since 2007/08 through 2008/09 and into the current year. Project teams consisting of experts from ITS and from the administrative offices have been working hard to meet the tight timeframes.  Pilot runs of the new systems are targeted for 2011/12. All the phase one projects are progressing on schedule thanks to the dedication, support and collaboration of all staff involved. Regular meetings are held among the different sections (ITS, AS, FO and SAO) to facilitate the smooth integration of the various systems and to work on  implementation schedules that will best fit the University’s business operations.

A dedicated technical  team has also been set up to review, evaluate, acquire and implement a cost-effective and adequate administrative computing architecture for the University, to best support the computing needs, not only  of the new 3-3-4 academic structure, but also other administrative computing requirements for the coming five to six years.