June 2009


CLO Meeting to Update Departments on New IT Developments
Suspension of GroupWise E-mail Purging Exercise during the Summer Period
July Staff IT Training Programmes
Departmental IT Security Questionnaire Survey
Annual Notebook Purchase Programme

Renewal of MS Campus Agreement - Licensed Software for Staff Working on Campus and at Home


The annual renewal arrangement of the Microsoft Campus Agreement, a centrally funded site-licensing programme which provides UGC-funded departments and colleagues with ready access to a list of commonly-used MS software, has been finalised.

The new agreement, covering a one-year period up to 31 May 2010, is administered through Microware Limited. All UGC-funded PolyU staff can enjoy free use of a bundle of popular MS software on university-owned PCs for work-related purposes. Departments are also licensed to install the Campus Agreement software on computers in their open-access laboratories on campus for student use.

Software Coverage

The software products covered under this year's Agreement include:

MS Windows Operating System (OS) Upgrade

MS Office or Office for Mac (including MS Publisher)

MS Core Client Access Licence (CAL)

MS Project Professional

MS SQL Client Access Licence (CAL)

MS Visual Studio Professional



Special Usage Rights


Media for Installation

Colleagues may contact the ITS General Office at Ext. 2413 for borrowing / copying arrangements of the software media covered by the Campus Agreement.

For any enquiries regarding the MS Campus Agreement, all staff are welcome to contact Ms Cecilia Chan at Ext. 5934.



Useful Tips to Prepare for Overseas Trip - GroupWise Access & Vacation Rule, Personal Data Protection, 'iPass' Internet Connection and More


With the commencement of the summer break, many colleagues will be having their vacations or overseas trips. Before you leave for the holidays, please note the following tips which can help you better prepare for your trip:

Install GroupWise Client & Caching Mailbox

If you wish to continue accessing your GroupWise e-mails while you are away, install the GroupWise client on your notebook. This will enable you to read and send GroupWise e-mails in the same user interface as if you are working on campus.  

You are also advised to setup the GroupWise Caching Mailbox on your notebook so that your e-mails will be stored locally on your machine. This will enable you to access your e-mails, including those that have been purged in your online mailbox, even when you do not have Internet access. Please remember to synchronize your caching mailbox with the online mailbox before your trip. Click here for the steps of setting up the GroupWise Caching mailbox.

You may also access your GroupWise e-mails anywhere using a web browser and the GroupWise WebAccess feature at the URL: http://inet.polyu.edu.hk.

Set-up GroupWise Vacation Rule

Remember to setup a vacation / auto reply rule in GroupWise to automatically inform e-mail senders when you are away from office.  Click here for the steps of setting up the vacation rule.

Important Reminder

Please note that to prevent e-mail looping resulting from auto-reply to/from multiple replies which could jeopardize network response and also jam the mailbox of users particularly those on overseas trip, the sending of the auto-reply message to the same sender would be limited to ONCE only during the period when the auto-reply rule is enabled.

To more effectively communicate with the e-mail senders, you are advised to clearly specify your out-of-office period in the auto-reply message.  


Disable Windows Auto-update

To avoid downloading large volume of data while overseas which might incur an unexpected amount of Internet connection fee, you are advised to, before you go on trip, perform the Windows update on your notebook once and then disable the Windows auto-update feature.  

To disable the Windows auto-update feature

For Windows Vista:
Control Panel -> Security -> Windows Updates -> ‘Turn automatic updating on or off’ -> ‘never check for updates’

For Windows XP:
Control Panel-> Security Centre -> Automatic Updates -> ‘Turn off Automatic Updates’  

Please be remained to re-enable the auto-update feature again when you are back.


Install ‘iPass’ for Overseas Internet Access

To facilitate colleagues in accessing e-mails and staying in touch with the office while outside of Hong Kong, an 'iPass' overseas Internet access account has been centrally provided to each department for shared use by their staff for work-related activities.

If you would like to make use of the 'iPass' service during your overseas trip, please contact your departmental CLO (Computer Liaison Officer) for the 'iPass' connector software and the departmental ‘iPass’ account.


Protect Your Personal Data on Public PCs


If you are not bringing your notebook for the trip and are prepared to use public PCs at the airport, cyber cafe, etc. to check your e-mails and to access other online services, please be reminded to take extra care of your account username and password.

Internet browser can be configured to remember user's login name and password so that the next user could access the same account without authentication.

To prevent unauthorised access to your account and personal data, users are advised to, after you have finished your login session and have logged out from your account, login the same account / system again using a made-up username and password pair.

In addition, you are strongly advised NOT to use public PCs to access online banking services or, to make online credit card payment to avoid your personal data from being stolen for malicious activities that may lead to financial loss.

Please contact the ITS Help Centre at Ext. 5900 if you have any enquiries or need assistance.



CLO Meeting to Update Departments on New IT Developments


Departmental Computer Liaison Officers (CLOs) are the key liaison persons between departments and ITS on IT-related matters. Regular meetings are held to update CLOs with our latest IT services and provisions and for ITS to better understand the IT needs of departments.

Over 80 CLOs and departmental representatives attended the meeting held on 19 June 2009 during which ITS introduced and reported new IT developments in the following areas:



Review of Staff PC Upgrade Exercise 

SAO’s Work-integrated Education (WIE) System

Changes of Campus Infrastructure

Security Issues of Social Networking

MISO’s GT Room Booking System          

Updates on SAM System Enhancement

IT Services in Support of Contingency Working Arrangements under the Influenza Pandemic



Ms Louisa So (left) and Ms Josephine Hon (right) introduced the new WIE System and GT Room Booking System

During the meeting, the departmental CLOs/representatives also provided us with very useful suggestions and feedback on our facilities and services, all of which are valuable input to ITS in planning and implementing quality IT services for our users.

The presentation materials of the CLO meeting have been posted on the CLO Portal under the 'Information' section. All CLOs please kindly share the information with colleagues in your department/office as appropriate.


Suspension of GroupWise E-mail Purging Exercise during the Summer Period


During the summer, many colleagues may take prolonged leave and be out of town. As a special arrangement to provide more convenient services to colleagues who may have difficulties in caching their messages while on leave, the GroupWise E-mail Purging Exercise will be suspended until end August 2009.

The next GroupWise E-mail Purging Exercise will be conducted in September 2009 and the detailed arrangements will be announced via e-mail in due course.


July Staff IT Training Programmes


Training Workshops


You may view the full list of workshops offered in July and make online enrolment via the Staff IT Training Workshop Enrolment System. You will be notified instantly of the enrolment results.


Online Courses

  July Online Courses


Access 2007: Level 1 &2

  Access 2007: New Features


Acrobat 8: New Features


Acrobat 9.0 Pro: Level 1 & 2


Excel 2007: Level 1 & 2


Excel 2007: New Features


GroupWise 7.0 Level 1-1: Using GroupWise E-mail


GroupWise 7.0 Level 1-2: Organizing E-mails and Address Book in GroupWise

  GroupWise 7.0 Level 1-3: Using GroupWise Calendar and Resources
  GroupWise 7.0 Level 2-1: Exploring Advanced Mail and Message Features


GroupWise 7.0 Level 2-2: Exploring WebAccess, Rules and Access Rights


PowerPoint 2007: Level 1 & 2


PowerPoint 2007: New Features


Project 2007: Level 1 & 2


Publisher 2007


Security Awareness (Part 1): Accessing a Computer, a Network and the Internet in a Secure Manner


Security Awareness (Part 2) : Maintaining File and Email Security


Security Awareness (Part 3): Promoting Web Security and Proper Responses to Security Incidents


SharePoint Designer 2007: Level 1 & 2


Visio 2007 Professional: Level 1 & 2


What's New in Visio 2007


Windows Vista : New Features


Word 2007: Level 1 & 2


Word 2007: New Features


Please click here for the detailed description of each course. To enrol, please complete and return the web-based proforma reply and you will be informed of the enrolment results in early July via e-mail.

Enquiries: 4566

Departmental IT Security Questionnaire Survey


As conveyed in our previous issues, a series of IT/ IS security awareness and training programmes have been and will continue to be launched by ITS, to provide practical guidelines and advice to departments and colleagues in handling IT security-related issues. Following the success of the 'Joint Universities Information Security Awareness Seminar' and the 'IT Security Workshop on Risk Assessment' held in April 2009, a University-wide IT Security Questionnaire Survey is being conducted for all departments / offices.

Departmental Computer Liaison Officers (CLOs) / Security Officers had been invited to complete the IT Security Questionnaire Survey. The findings of the survey would be presented to the University’s Information Services Steering Committee (ISSC) for planning on the strategy, measures and resources provision to address departmental IT/IS security risks. From the findings of the survey, comprehensive guidelines/good practices would also be developed and disseminated to all departments for reference and implementation.   

The security of departmental IT facilities and systems would have critical impact on the well-being of the departmental as well as the campus-wide IT/IS environment. We count on the continual support of departments / offices in safeguarding the IT/IS resources of the University.



Annual Notebook Purchase Programme


Each year, ITS will, in partnership with the Students' Union, invite vendors to make special offers on notebook PCs to our staff, students and alumni.

ITS will help advise on the evaluation, and the Students' Union will play a key role in selecting the brand and models to be offered to meet the needs of their fellow students.

Same as in the previous years, this year's notebook purchase programme will commence in early August. Details of the programme, including the brand, model and price information, etc. will be announced after they have been finalized.




Reminder for Graduates - Backup Your Important Data


As a compliment to our graduates, ITS will continue to provide graduates with access to the central IT facilities and services for 62 days (two months) after confirmation of their eligibility for graduation. If you are graduating this summer, you will be individually notified via e-mail of the expiry date of your NetID and the associated central IT facilities and services available to you.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all graduates to backup your necessary data on all systems including Campus E-mail and WebMail, University Portal, myWeb and myStore, WebCT, etc. before the service expiry date. All the data will be deleted after the expiry date and will no longer be recoverable.

Please also be reminded that the Alumni Affairs and Development Office (AADO) offers a PolyU Alumni Free Email Forwarding Service to all graduates. Simply activate the service to keep in touch with PolyU. Surf the AADO website for more details and account activation.  

If you have any enquiries regarding the expiry date of the central IT facilities and services and the backup of data, please contact the ITS Help Centre at 2766 5900.