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PolyU receives Shun Hing’s donation to implement campus-wide reading programme


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has received a generous donation of HK$2 million from Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund for the READ@PolyU programme in 2013, a pioneer of its kind in Hong Kong’s higher education sector.

Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund is founded by the late Dr William Mong Man-wai, founder of Shun Hing Group, to support various kinds of charities. Mr Daivd Mong, Chairman of Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund, expressed his strong support for PolyU to launch the READ@PolyU programme. He hoped the donation could facilitate the implementation of the new four-year undergraduate curriculum, encouraging students to appreciate the pleasure of reading and receive all-round education.

PolyU President Professor Timothy W. Tong received the donation cheque of Mr David Mong on behalf of PolyU. Professor Tong has also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund.

PolyU has successfully launched the READ@PolyU programme in 2011 to promote reading culture and atmosphere on campus. The programme aims to provide a common first year experience for all freshmen, with the objective to foster a sense of community among them. This year, the programme has been fully launched and the book Tuesdays with Morrie has been chosen as the common book of the programme. Free copies have been distributed to freshmen by the Library at the beginning of the academic year. A series of discussion sessions, essay contest and cultural activities have been run by PolyU.


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