Laboratory Safety Program

Laboratory safety is an integral part of the University safety system. There are arrangements which lay down the management framework and assign duties to various parties in implementing health and safety in the laboratories. Individual departments have the overall responsibility in providing a healthy and safe working environment to their laboratory workers. Laboratory supervisors and research project leaders have the responsibilities to control the risk of their work. The general laboratory workers should also observe the basic safety rules that have been established to help create a safe and healthy working environment.


HSEO is the central advisory and monitoring body for laboratory safety. Specifically, HSEO plays the following roles:


‧ Advise CDO, FMO, user departments and the University Management on all aspects of laboratory safety such safety design, international standards, best practice in laboratory safety operations, etc.
‧ Carry out inspections and audits to ascertain if user departments have adequately managed their safety matters in laboratories and to assess their safety performance.
‧ Monitor the progress of safety improvement in laboratories as necessary and draw Management’s attention to critical issues that cannot be resolved at departmental level.
‧ Provide safety training to relevant laboratory users through various means.
‧ Help handle emergencies in laboratories.