Food Safety and Environmental Hygiene

1. Food Hygiene:

  • HSEO gives advice on food hygiene via the Catering Committee/Staff Club/Finance Office when the food samples collected from the catering outlets and 7-Eleven fail to meet the microbiological limits promulgated by the HKSAR Government’s Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. Recommendations ranging from retesting to suspension of the failed food items will be given.

2. Pest Control:

  • While the effectiveness of pest (e.g. rats and mosquitoes) control programmes remains the responsibility of FMO’s pest control contractor, HSEOrenders advice to FMO and PolyU departments on the health and safety impacts associated with pest control measures and related matters. Upon request, HSEO staff reviews the material safety data sheets (MSDSs) of pesticide products and gives health and safety advice over the application of such pesticides on campus.

3. Quality of Drinking Water:

  • To ensure that the water supplied through the drinking fountains on campus is wholesome and safe for consumption, FMO has engaged the services of an accredited laboratory to collect and test the water samples collected from these drinking fountains and rooftop water tanks on a regular basis.  The test results are compared with the standards prescribed in the World Health Organization's (WHO's) Drinking Water Guidelines.If some test parameters are found to exceed those stipulated in the WHO’s Guidelines, HSEO will advise FMO to immediately suspend the use of those drinking fountains. Appropriate remedial actions such as replacement of particulate filters, thorough disinfection of all accessible surfaces of the drinking fountains, and replacement of faulty ultraviolet lamps will be recommended.