Student's Achievement
The Outstanding Student, Faculty of Communication 2007

Miss Yu Nga-wing
BA (Hons) in Language Studies for the Professions, Year 3
The Outstanding Student of the Faculty of Communication 2007

Because of the daunting A-level examination result, I once lost my confidence and felt hopeless. However, as the idiom ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ goes, the associate degree programme in Translation and Interpretation has led me to a new path.
Time flies; here comes to the final semester of my university studies. In retrospect, what I have achieved over the past few years are far beyond my expectation, including being selected as the outstanding student of my faculty. It is definitely an unexpected yet precious present to me as not only does it recognize the effort I have paid, but also motivates me to exert myself to perform even better in the future, no matter in my own career or in contributing to society.

When I was still in Year 1, someone once told me that university life is all about making choices. There are many opportunities available at PolyU; and we can gain a lot as long as we grasp them. I have been fortunate enough to be given various chances to try and explore in different fields.

My placement in Hangzhou and exchange programme in Shanghai were edifying experiences which have inspired me a lot. Undoubtedly, my horizon has been broadened by communicating with people from different provinces (and even countries). I was deeply impressed by the locals and I have understood more about the Chinese culture too; I believe it is not what I can obtain from usual lessons. What’s more, I have become more mature and independent as I had to adapt to a new environment and I have learnt to compromise with others when there are conflicts.

More importantly, I did develop a close relationship with my group-mates and supervisor in Hangzhou as well as my flat-mates in Shanghai. It is rather difficult to describe the happiness with words, but I feel very grateful to have them around during my stay.

Graduating from the university is just a start and there is still a long way to go ahead of me. Yet, my days at PolyU will certainly become one of the most precious and pleasant memories in my life. 
Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the ones who are very important to me in my university life. Above all I must thank my dearest parents, sister and boyfriend for their endless love and support over the past few years as well as my dear friends for always being right behind me. I would also like to thank all the professors and staff from the Department of English and the Department of Chinese & Bilingual Studies for their teaching, advice and guidance.

I cannot miss to thank my buddies whom I met in different programmes or societies like Social Service Group, PGDP and student exchange programme; I did learn a lot from all of you.

Finally, I have to thank my fellow LSP classmates; I am proud of being a member of our class. I truly believe university life is not made up of the figures and alphabetic letters listed on the transcript; it’s all of you who have lit up my university life. I am nothing without you guys. Thank you very much!

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