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Googler in India, Unique Experience with AIESEC - Mr. Freddy LAW

“After graduated, I became a Googler in India.  My choice seems different from most of my classmates, but I think it is a good chance to experience something different.  Google is a really cool company and India is a fast growing huge market.  Working as a HR, hiring for the engineering managers, I interacted with senior people everyday. As a student of the English Department of English, we had plenty opportunities to with all many international people.  I really encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, go to the world for a while and find out your dream.  After India, I would go to Macedonia for a year.

I got all these kind of special experience by joining AIESEC.  The current president of AIESEC PolyU is BALSP student Karman Cheung.  If you want to join AIESEC and experience the difference, contact Karman at karman.cheung@polyu.aiesec.hk.  If you want to know more about AIESEC, find out from www.aiesec.org.  All the best English students!”

Freddy LAW
Alumnus 2007
BA(Hons) in Language Studies with Business