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Experience to Work in the Media

Under the arrangements of the Hong Kong United Youth Association (HKUYA), Karen worked as an intern at the national television station, CCTV, and assisted on the production of The Observer, a popular TV programme on the CCTV2 economic channel, during the one-month placement. “Every morning, the producers, editors, commentators and all the student interns gathered to discuss the biggest news of the day and decide the delay topc to work on,” she says.

Effective communication and presentation skills are imperative in the mass media. The training at the mainland TV station which is viewed by an audience of over one billion every day has boosted the Karen’s communication skills. “Every decision needs to be made within a very short time. To play an active role, I had to present my opinions precisely and skillfully. This daily practice has significantly improved my communication skills,” says Karen.

Karen once followed the reporters to interview the chief analyst of the Bank of China, Ms. Tan Yaling, which was featured in a special series, China-US Strategic Dialogue. Karen recalls: “Although the topic was complicated, the reporter presented it in a comprehensive way. I learnt how messages could be conveyed clearly and effectively to diverse audience group.” She was also impressed by the interviewee’s wittiness.

Quality is the first priority

Karen was inspired by the professionalism of the mainland journalists. She found that her colleagues in Beijing placed a lot of focus on the content and quality of the show. “They spent a lot of time and resources in choosing the topic, doing research and editing. Also, every comment from the guest speakers has to be screened to ensure accurate messages are communicated,” she says.

The internship opportunity also completely changed Karen’s impression about the mainland working culture. “My colleagues could manage many tasks in a single day. They set the topic, conducted the interviews and discussed the content. They also collected comments and cartoons from netizens, editing films and having the programme broadcasted. They are highly efficient,” says Karen.

While her knowledge about the media industry has been deepened, she now has a better understanding about career goal and herself as a person. “Working in the media is challenging as you need to be knowledgeable enough to handle massive information from various fields and subjects. Meanwhile, it is also very interesting as you will meet many people from various backgrounds and professions,” she says.

“I do enjoy the challenges and the tight schedule of the media industry. The experience has certainly helped me identify my career interest. This is my goal after graduation.”

Karen WONG Mei-Sze
BA(Hons) in Language Studies for the Professions
CCTV, Beijing